Laboratory  of  Information  Technologies 




Director of the Laboratory of Information Technologies , JINR

Puzynin Igor Victorovich, Doctor of Sciences (Phys. and Math.), Professor (Computing Math.)

Institution, address:

Laboratory of Information Technoloqies

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141980 Dubna, Russia

Tel.: (7 095) 926 22 41

Fax: (7 096) 21 65 145


Born: April 24, 1938 year in Voronezh, Russia

Education: (years, institutions, degrees, title of thesis)

1955-1960 - Moscow State University,

Department of Mechanics and Mathematics,

Specialization: Mathematics and Computing Mathematics

1969 - Candidate of Physics and Mathematics. «Approximate Solving Boundary

Value Problems for Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations of Second

Order by Introducing Continuous Parameter Method»

1979 - Doctor of Physics and Mathematics. «Continuous Analog of Newton’s

Method for Numerical Solving of Quantum Mechanics Problems»

1986 - Professor, Specialization «Computing Mathematics»

Professional career

1960-1967 - Senior Assistant, Engineer, Senior Engineer, LTP, Computing Centre, LCTA, JINR

1967-1973 - Researcher, LCTA, JINR

1973-1982 - Senior Researcher, LCTA, JINR

1982-1988 - Head of Scientific Sector for Mathematical and Software

Support of Quantum Mechanics and Nonlinear Fields Investigations

1988 - Deputy Director of LCTA

2000 - Director of the Laboratory of Information Technoloqies

Other activities: (lecturing, membership in organizations, etc.)

1971-1980 - Lecturer of Physics Department of Moscow State University

1990 - Professor of Tver State University, Department of Mathematics

I am a member of the LCTA Specialized Scientific Council and the Specialized Scientific Council of the Institute of High Energy Physics (Protvino).

Under my scientific leadership, 9 researchers received the Ph.D. and 5 scientists received the Sc.D. after my scientific consultations.

Awards, Prizes: My scientific achievements were rewarded with the JINR Prizes (thrice)

and «Soros Professor» Grant.

Research interests: Computer Physics - Computational methods and software for nonlinear boundary value and spectral problems, applications to nonlinear physics models, applications to mesic catalyzed fusion models, applications to nuclear physics models, applications to exotic physics systems.


Results of scientific activities have been published in 75 articles, 3 review articles and 54 proceedings and 135 JINR Communications and Communications of other Institutes.