Silin Igor Nickolaevich             (1936)

Doctor of physics and mathematics, professor. Specialist in developmen of methods of nonlinear functionals minimization. One of the authors of many scientific works dedicated to phase analysis that were performed at JINR. Development and creation of the mathematical and software support of the BESM-6 computer. Nowadays his work is related to experimental data processing. Under his leadership were defended 7 Master's Thesis. 1959 - graduated from the physics department of the Moscow University 1964 - defended his Master's Thesis 1966 - elaboration of the software support for the BESM-6 computer 1971 - creation of a new version of the BESM-6 controller 1973 - defence of the doctor's Thesis 1987 - received his professor degree 1995 - head of the scientific department of software LCTA 2000 - Principal Researcher of the Division of Software and Information Support at LIT