Zhidkov Evgenij Petrovich             (1926)

 Doctor of physics and mathematics, professor.
 Outstanding scientist in applied mathematics and
 mathematical simulation.
 Made a valuable contribution to the creation of new 
 effective mathematical methods in solving the problems 
 of elementary particles physics, nuclear physics,
 condensed matter physics, calculation of the physical
 installations at the JINR and other physics centres.
 Founded a scientific school for 'applied' mathematicians.
 Under his leadership defended were more than 30 Master's
 Thesis  and his 7 pupils became the  Doctors of Science.

        1948 - graduated from Ckuibyshev teacher training colleage
               with a first-class diploma,
               was recommended to the post-graduate course in the
               Moscow University mechanical and mathematical department
        1952 - defence of his Master's Thesis under the leadership of
               academician I.G.Petrovsky.
               Was assigned to work at a Research Institute.
               Creation of the first Soviet computer, participation
               in creation of the 'Strela' machine and some specialized
   1954-1959 - associate professor of the mathematics department
               at the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute.
        1959 - leader of the Computational mathematics department and
               adding machines at the LTPh/JINR.
        1963 - leader of the LCTA Computing Centre
        1966 - leader of the Computational mathematics Department at LCTA
        1970 - defended his doctor's thesis
        1973 - received his professor degree since 
        1994 - adviser of the LCTA (since 2000 - LIT) Directorate