Vladislav Pavlovich Shirikov             (1936)

 Doctor of physics and mathematics, professor.
 Research fields at the JINR are related to introduction of 
 new languages and systems of programming in different
 computers, elaboration and creation of the multicomputer
 networks and terminal networks as well as computer
 communication  channels and information support within  
 the JINR computing and information  infrastructure.

           1959 - graduated from the Department of Mechanics & Mathematics
                  of the Moscow State University with a first-class diploma
      1959-1961 - post-graduate student of the Moscow State University 
                  Computational Mathematics Department
           1962 - researcher of the LTPh/JINR
           1965 - defence his Master's Degree
           1969 - head of the scientific department at LCTA/JINR on 
                  development and operation of the mathematical and
                  software support 
           1974 - defence of his Doctor's thesis
           1987 - received  his professor degree
           1995 - head of the scientific department on information support
           2000 - head of the scientific department on software and information support
           2005 - Principal Researcher of the Division of Software and Information Support at LIT