JINR local network

The JINR local network was intensively developed on the basis of INTERNET. Presently, this network has a quite strongly developed structure, of more than hundred segments. Only this year to it were connected about 500 computers. The total number of computers connected to it is about 1700. During the last time, a great ETHERNET load was observed, especially on the LCTA segment. Usually the load is about 10-25%, with a peak at about 40-50%. In the future even more traffic can be expected to load this network.

The network transfer hardware includes mainly fibre optic (between buildings) and thin coaxial cable. Ramification of the network is done by help of repeaters and simple concentrators. Logic separation of the segments is done by five bridges (they isolate large laboratory segments from the common segment.) There are several subnetworks, where PC and SUN Station serve as routers separators.

In 1995, the drastic increase of the network lead to the situation when the potentialities of the network are practically exhausted and its reconstruction is needed, so the respective project was prepared and the reconstruction started.