Software support

The introduction of new generation operation systems WINDOWS NT and WINDOWS'95 is in progress at JINR.

Works were under way on adaptation of the CERNLIB program library to the MS-DOS, WINDOWS NT, LINUX platforms, as well as maintenance of the MATHLIB program library on all platforms. Along with traditional works on maintenance and development of CERN libraries and different programming systems on the central computing servers, studies of new programming systems for the new LHC experiments (DICE, ATRECON, DICE'96) are performed, and these new methods are introduced into physical experiments. For instance, a procedure of applying the neural networks for solving calorimetric problems has been developed jointly with LNP. A problem of increasing the efficiency of pion and muon separation in the hadron calorimeter of the ATLAS setup by using neural network classifiers in the region of small transversal momenta has been solved.