Information support

A wide system of WWW servers has been introduced at JINR. It allows the scientific world community to get rapidly acquainted with JINR and the investigations under way here. The Institute research staff can obtain the necessary consultations on preparing hypertext and hypermedia information for its further introduction into the specialized pages (sections) of the WWW servers in the laboratories. An "information page" of LCTA, reviewing the main works, projects, research areas, etc. has been installed on WWW servers. There are sections on multimedia and news of the LCTA Network Coordinating Centre. Information is constantly added in the specialized sections of the LCTA page.

An interface between WWW and DBMS ORACLE [1] has been created. It provides simple access to the information stored in the data base (telephone directory, information on journals at the JINR Scientific Library, etc.).

A workshop devoted to the issues of using the WWW system at JINR was held. People responsible for the WWW servers in the JINR laboratories were attending. A JINR seminar demonstrating the WWW service at JINR and reviewing the information available on the servers was organized.

"A guide for the CONVEX Users" [2] and "Introduction to WWW" [3] were published in form of JINR "Rapid Communications".

The documentation on computing and software support has been extended. There is a library of books and guides on the up-to-date operating systems, text editors, translators, data bases, information retrieval systems, etc. A course of 9 lectures "Introduction to the data bases" was delivered to the Institute research staff.

In early 1995 LCTA jointly with the Scientific Technical Division of Computer-Aided Management Systems of JINR prepared and for the most part realized a time-schedule of works on WKS information support of the Institute Management Body. The plan includes both the improvement of network access to the data bases and the wide spectrum of issues regarding the managing activity and accounting. The development of hard and software facilities of the Institute Scientific Library and the Publishing Department is in progress.