Project on development of the networking, information and computing

infrastructure in 1996 - 1998

Despite a number of unbiased difficulties, caused by the lack of possibilities of the JINR information infrastructure behind the fast increasing needs of experimental and theoretical research, as well as financial difficulties, its operation and improvement have been provided.

Data on use of the central computing servers by the Institute laboratories are tabulated below.

A project on development of the network, information and computer infrastructure at JINR was developed [4] (fig.2). Its purpose is to bring it up to a level of modern requirements and to support the Institute's research programs with the adequate computer, network, program and algorithmic tools. The project has undergone appraisal by JINR and international experts and was mainly approved in the laboratories and by the JINR Program Advisory Committee on nuclear physics and particle physics.

The purpose of the project is to create a networking, information and computing infrastructure of JINR, meeting the needs of the JINR research programs and its international collaborations, as well as the up-to-date requirements for organizing the researchers' workplaces and providing free access to the worldwide information and computing resources.

The following issues should be solved within the project:

The project realization will bring the JINR networking, information and computing infrastructure to the level of modern requirements upon an international research centre and will provide support of the Institute's scientific research programmes by adequate integrated computing, networking, programming and algorithmic resources. Besides, it will open new possibilities for distributed data processing, integration of all computing resources, videoconferencing, access to the worldwide databases and information systems, joint data banks, remote training.

Creation of a national computer telecommunications
network for science and higher schools