Development of software support for HEP experiments

For the EXCHARM experiment, a model of transmission function of the discrete detectors of proportional chamber type, under conditions of enormous signal and background loads, was designed and studied. New software for track recognition was designed. A new program package version was created for the geometric calibration of the coordinate detectors by the maximum probability method. A combined method for detecting the particle trajectory parameters is proposed. Algorithms for identifying various classes of events were developed.

New results were obtained, related to CMS designing and development physical investigations program at LHC. A model of the physics processes in a cathode-strip chamber was designed and investigated. Programs for experimental test-calibration data processing from trajectory detectors were developed. Based on the results of modeling and data processing, there were estimated the coordinate precisions and temporary resolution of the coordinate detectors prototypes of the muon CMS stations. Programs on modeling and complex integration test processing were designed.

A system PARIS-95 for parallel data processing was designed on the base of a PC cluster (AT- 486/66 and Pentium-60), used for EXCHARM experimental data processing.