The 3rd International Workshop
"Quantum Physics and Communication''

QPC 2005

Dubna, Russia, 30 June - 3 July, 2005

Quantum Physics and Communication
Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop

"Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters"
2007 Volume 4 No. 2 (138)

1. T. Radtke, S. Fritzsche, A. Surzhykov
Simulation of n-Qubit Quantum Systems: A Computer-Algebraic Approach

2. E. Karpov, P. Navez, N. J. Cerf
Cloning the Entanglement of a Pair of d-Dimensional Quantum Systems

3. Yu. P. Rybakov, T. F. Kamalov
Entangled Solitons and Stochastic Q-bits

4. H. H. Adamyan, G. Yu. Kryuchkyan
Time-Modulated Entangled States of Light

5. I. Ghiu
A Generalization of Quantum Teleportation and Splitting of Entanglement via Local Cloning

6. V. P. Gerdt, V. M. Severyanov
A C# Package for Assembling Quantum Circuits and Generating Associated Polynomial Sets

7. A. Isar
Quantum Decoherence in the Theory of Open Systems

8. M. I. Gavrilov, L. V. Gortinskaya, A. A. Pestov, I. Yu. Popov, E. S. Tesovskaya
Quantum Computer Elements Based on Coupled Quantum Waveguides

9. D. Grigoriev, A. Kazakov, S. Vakulenko
Optical Device ņccelerating Dynamic –rogramming

10. A. A. Suzko
Geometric Phases and Exactly Solvable Time-Dependent Potentials

11. A. Gusev, V. Gerdt, M. Kaschiev, V. Rostovtsev, V. Samoylov, T. Tupikova, Y. Uwano, S. Vinitsky
On Symbolic-Numeric Representation of Evolution Operator for Finite-Dimensional Quantum Systems

12. M. V. Altaisky, V. N. Gorbachev, F. Pichierri
Coherent Signal Amplification in Rhodopsin Media

13. A. Deveikis, A. Kuznecovas
Analytical Scheme Calculations of Angular Momentum Coupling and Recoupling Coefficients

Simulation on Quantum Authentication

15. Yu. A. Asikritova, I. D. Balatsky, V. N. Gorbachev
The Logical Gates from Biphotons

16. H. H. Adamyan, N. T. Gevorgyan, G. Yu. Kryuchkyan
Signature of Squeezing in Controlled Quantum Systems

17. E. K. Bashkirov
Superradiance Regime of Laser Cooling in Extended Solids

18. G. Giorgadze
Gates for Quantum —omputing Induced from Őonodromy őperators

19. I. A. Khromova, L. A. Melnikov
Dispersion —haracteristics of Õollow-—ore –hotonic —rystal Fibers

20. A. V. Gorokhov
Quantum Systems in Regular and Stochastic Fields. Creation and Destruction of the Coherence

21. E. A. Issaeva
Entanglement of the Schrdinger Experiment

22. V. Sivozhelezov, C. Nicolini
Prospects for Octopus Rhodopsin Utilization in Optical and Quantum Computation

23. A. V. Chizhov, A. A. Gusev, L. A. Sevastianov, S. I. Vinitsky
Phase Representation of Quantum-Optical Systems via Nonnegative Quantum Distribution Function

24. A. V. Prokhorov, A. P. Alodjants, A. Yu. Leksin, S. M. Arakelian
Nonlinear Laser Amplifier with Suppressed Level of Quantum Noise on the Basis of a Bose Condensate for  23Na Atoms

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