The 4th International Workshop
"Quantum Physics and Communication''

QPC 2007

Dubna, Russia, 15 - 19 October, 2007



October 15

09.00-10.00   Registration of participants (International Conference Hall)
10.00-10.20   Welcome to the participants of the workshop
10.20-11.00   Quantum Information Transmission between Two Qubits through an Intermediary Photon Gas
Nguyen Van Hieu, Nguyen Bich Ha
11.00-11.40   Individual events and mathematical formalism of quantum mechanics.
D. A. Slavnov
11.40-12.00   Coffee break
12.00-12.30   A Mathematica Program for constructing Quantum Circuits and Computing Their Unitary Matrices.
V.P. Gerdt, R. Kragler, A.N. Prokopenya
12.30-13.00   An algorithmic approach to solving polynomial equations assocciated with quantum circuits.
V.P. Gerdt, M.V. Zinin
13.00-13.30   Symplectic Structure of Quantum Phase and Stochastic Simulation of Qubits.
Yu.P. Rubakov, T.F. Kamalov
13.30-15.00   Lunch
15.00-15.30   Reconstruction of Quantum Well Potentials via the Intertwining Operator Technique.
A.A. Suzko, I.E. Tralle
15.30-16.00   Antisymmetrization procedure of many-particle states.
A. Deveikis
16.00-16.30    An application of computer algebra system cadabra to quantum field and quantum mechanics problems.
L.A. Sevastianov, D.S. Kulyabov, M.G. Kokotchikova
16.30-17.00    An application of two-spinors calculus to quantum field and quantum mechanics problems.
D.S. Kulyabov, A.G. Ulyanova
18.00   Welcome party

October 16

10.00-10.30   Multi-layer evolution schemes for the finite-dimensional quantum systems in external fields.
O. Chuluunbaatar, A. Gusev, V. Gerdt, M. Kaschiev, V. Rostovtsev, Y. Uwano, S. Vinitsky
10.30-11.00   Discrete Symmetry Analysis of Lattice Systems.
V. Kornyak
11.00-11.30   Two interacting spins in external field and its application to quantum computation.
V. Bagrov, M. Baldiotti, D. Gitman
11.30-12.00   Coffee break
12.00-12.30   Quantum computing with single-photon pulses in doped fibers.
A.V. Prokhorov, A.P. Alodjants, A.Yu. Leksin, S.M. Arakelian
12.30-13.00   Geometrization of quantum physics.
O. Ol'khov
13.00-13.30   Quantum fidelity of Gaussian states in open systems.
Aurelian Isar
13.30-15.00   Lunch
15.00-15.30   Resonance Reflection of Polarized Light.
Ya. A. Fofanov
15.30-16.00   Symmetry entanglement in polarization biphoton optics.
V.P. Karassiov
16.00-16.30   Quantum mechanics as an effective theory of ambiguous objects
E.N. Dubovik, V.M. Dubovik
16.30-17.00   Coffee break
19.00   Concert

October 17

10.00-10.40   EPR light beams and non-Gaussian quantum distributions in the time domain.
N.H. Adamyan, H.H. Adamyan, G.Yu. Kryuchkyan
10.40-11.10   Multi-mode squeezing in microstructured media.
D.A. Antonosyan, G.Yu. Kryuchkyan
11.10-11.40    Spatially entanglement and sub-waves structures in atomic deflection
G.Yu. Kryuchkyan, M. Macovey, Ch. Keitel
11.40-12.00   Coffee break
12.00-12.30   Geometrical measure of the entanglement.
A. Ya. Kazakov
12.30-13.00   Regular Method of Construction of the Reversible Dynamical Systems and their Linear Extensions
N. Makhaldiani
13.00-13.30    EPR paradox, Bell's inequalities and related experiments.
V.K. Ignatovich
13.30-14.00    Additivity of Entanglement of Formation antisymmetric states.
Pankaj Kumar
14.00-14.30    The information aspect of measurement in physics title.
E. Issaeva
14.30 Lunch
15.00 Excursion

October 18

10.00-10.40   Entanglement production with trapped Bose atoms.
V.I. Yukalov, E.P. Yukalova
10.40-11.10   Possible implementations of CNOT and CCNOT gates.
G.P. Miroshnichenko, I.Yu. Popov, A.I. Trifanov
11.10-11.40   Stokes-anti-Stokes entanglement in stimulated Raman scattering.
A.V. Chizhov
11.40-12.00   Coffee break
12.00-12.30   Correlations of polarizations and entangled states in the two-photon system.
V.L. Lyuboshitz, Valery V. Lyuboshitz
12.30-13.00   The pairwise entanglement in NMR experiments.
E.B. Fel'dman, A.N. Pyrkov
13.00-13.30   Decoherence of one-dimensional systems of dipolar coupled spins in multiple- quantum NMR experiments in solids.
S.I. Doronin, E.B. Fel'dman, E.I. Kuznetsova
13.30-15.00   Lunch
15.00-15.30   Quantum Elastic Ring and the Traveling Salesman Problem.
B. Kostenko
15.30-16.00   Building of the quantum cryptography protocol using no-cloning theorem.
V. Kurochkin, Yu. Kurochkin
16.00-16.30   Quantum state transfer and quantum networks..
A.Yu. Vlasov
16.30-17.00    Closing
17.30   Conference Dinner

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