JINR Local Area Network

At present IP-addresses database contains 3451 registered JINR LAN elements (3105 in the year 2000).

Currently the JINR network operates in a non-standard configuration in a critical, temporary mode using Fast Ethernet technology as a result of ATM-backbone destruction.

A project on modernization of the network topology and choosing an adequate technology of its design is in development stage now, and LAN backbone construction will be the main task for future years. The basis for the work on the project is the recommendation of the 89th session of the JINR Scientific Council on the further development of remote access to experimental installations, data processing and data transfer, participation in the collaborations under the projects Data Grid and Grid in Europe and America. The high-performance network will allow one to organize distributed computations, effectively using large computer complexes at the JINR Laboratories. It is of particular importance for data processing for LHC experiments at CERN, where JINR takes an active part.

There were a number of discussions on the future Local Area Network (LAN) backbone. It was reported at several Institute's forums that during the year the JINR backbone used two technologies: the unreliable ATM and Fast Ethernet at three Laboratories, and since 30 October, 2001, the whole JINR backbone has been using Fast Ethernet (Fig. 2) due to central ATM-backbone equipment crash.

Fig. 2. JINR LAN

Two information technology dealers from Moscow (JetinfoSystems and TechnoServ A/C) and the telecommunication faculty of the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship were invited to take part in the discussions. All external experts, network specialists from the Institute's Laboratories, and directors of some JINR Laboratories have come to the conclusion that the Institute scientific programmes and participation in the international research programmes demand creation of a high-speed reliable backbone, which can be realized through the transfer to Gigabit Ethernet technology. All information about the LIT projects on computing and networking are available at http://noc.jinr.ru/projects.htm.

The LIT Directorate together with SCAR organized training for fourteen network specialists with the help of lecturers invited from Moscow. Ten of them have passed the examination and received certificates.

A department of information technologies of computing systems in the Moscow Technical University of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation was organized on the LIT basis. The first enrolment of 10 students started in 2001.

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