Database and WWW service

A systematic supplement and maintenance of the earlier constructed databases (DB) and information systems continued taking into account the users' needs. Among these are:

  • Information system IPDB - a web-interface of the JINR IP-addresses database (
  • Accelerator Databases (
  • System for accounting and statistics of operating the JINR basic facilities (, performed using ASP technology.
  • A system for monitoring activities on preparing elements of the ATLAS detector at JINR has been put into operation and is maintained ( It was designed at St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics. In the framework of the project, application OAS (Oracle Application Server) on PL/SQL has been provided for mapping the DB status in the global network. The database has been transferred from WinNT server to the Linux Redhat server. A Perl module has been written for the weekly DB archiving in a semiautomatic mode.
  • Digitizing of graphics at users' requests, preparation of bibliographic data on HEP for the PPDS database ( Almost 150 scientific papers have been prepared for the PPDS database. More than 50 papers were coded and included into the database. The other 50 are being prepared now. The work was carried out in cooperation with IHEP, BNL and other physics centres. 148 graphics have been digitized at the requests of JINR and foreign physicists.
  • Information system "JINR Topical Plan for Research" ( Software has been added for automated file translation from LaTeX into DB Oracle.
  • Information System "System of Accounting Between JINR and Experimental Production Plant (Access, VBA)" for the JINR Accounting Department.

Among the activities related to the main JINR and LIT servers (,, the following work should be noted: new JINR home-page disign, actualization of the divisions in accord with the main scientific results and the programs of JINR activities; information on conferences, schools and workshops held at JINR; news; the development and maintenance of the www-JavaStation (

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