In 2001, the Laboratory of Information Technologies concentrated its activities on the fulfillment of the tasks formulated at the 88th session of the JINR Scientific Council: the maintenance of operation and the development of the computing and networking infrastructure of JINR.

The JINR computing and networking infrastructure as a basic facility includes:

  • External computer communication channels, distributed information systems, and telecommunication service;
  • JINR Local Area Network (LAN) and High-Performance Computer Centre (HPCC);
  • Support and development of standard software and modern tools of computational physics for users.

In 2001, the scientific programme of LIT covered two first-priority topics of the Topical Plan for JINR Research and International Cooperation in 2001. The Laboratory participated in 11 more topics of the Topical Plan in collaboration with other JINR Laboratories on the project level and in other 14 topics on the level of cooperation.

During the year, LIT participated in organizing a number of international conferences:

  • 21-22 February - workshop "Role of the Operating System Linux in the Computing Infrastructure of the Future", organized in cooperation with the Hewlett Packard company;
  • 28-30 June - International workshop "Computer Algebra and Its Applications to Physics" (CAAP-2001);
  • 3-4 July - the first conference in Russia on data storage systems "Solutions on Data Management in Scientific Research", organized together with the TechnoServ A/C company;
  • 12-18 September - XVIII International Symposium on Nuclear Electronics and Computing (NEC 2001).

The reports delivered by LIT scientists demonstrated a high level of investigations performed at LIT.

A series of works "Detection and Research of Exotic Hadron States N(3520) and K(1630) with Similar Peculiarities" performed by V.M.Karnaukhov, V.I.Moroz and C. Coca was awarded the second prize of JINR's annual competition for best research in 2001.

First "Information Bulletin of LIT" (JINR, 4-7998. Dubna, 2001) was published, containing information for users of JINR networking, computing and information resources.

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