Annual Report 2002


In 2002, the JINR external computer communication channel of 30 Mb/s for the Russian Internet segment and of 10 Mb/s for international computer networks demonstrated its reliable performance across the RBNet network using the TELIA and STARTAP channels. For the year 2002, the incoming traffic reached 9.72 TB (4.14 TB in 2001) (Fig. 1), outgoing - 1.9 TB (Fig. 2).

Fig. 1. Incoming traffic distribution over JINR divisions (> 5%)

Fig. 2. Outgoing traffic distribution over JINR divisions (> 3%)

The further development of the JINR's external communications is connected to implementation of the interdepartmental programme "Creation of a National Scientific Computer Network of the New Generation for 2002-2006" and the Russian GRID-segment. The first project has been implemented in the framework of creation of the JINR corporative computer network in cooperation with the RSCC "Dubna", a computer network for JIINR's Crimean resort "Dubna" was mounted and adjusted in Alushta. Thus, a computer link and conditions for teleconferencing were provided for the participants of three international forums.


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