Annual Report 2002


Mass event production runs for the CMS experiment were prolonged in 2002. More than 110 000 physical events with a possible production of electrons, photon and hadron jets were generated at the specialized farm at the JINR CCC. The size of the generated data reached 25% of the total number of events generated by the Russian participants of mass event production runs (MSU SRINP, ITEP, IHEP, MSU Research Computer Centre). The participants of the autumn session of the mass event production for CMS were also CERN, Italian and French physics centres, the CMS distributed GRID-Centre in the USA.

A series of works within the projects LHCb, DIRAC, and DUBTO has been performed including:

  • for the LHCb project, java-units and programs of the simulation system for the first-level trigger of the LHCb installation were designed;
  • for the DIRAC project, a new version of the program for simulation GEANT-DIRAC V2.61 was put into operation;
  • for the DUBTO project, based on the GEANT package a program was designed to simulate various channels of interaction in the experimental set-up.

The maintenance and support of the information WWW-servers of JINR and LIT (, was continued. Necessary work on software support and centralized support of databases of a scientific and administrative type was fulfilled. The general-purpose and specialized libraries were maintained on the JINR's computer platforms. The filling and possibilities were extended on using the JINRLIB library based on programs created or adapted by JINR employees. The library was tested on the platforms SPP, Convex, Windows 9x/NT/2000/, versions for computer platforms Linux and FSF (GNU) were prepared, what is important in view of change-over to the use of the tools of Linux-clusters at the LIT general-purpose computer centre. In 2002, the content of the library was enlarged by 20 new programs mirroring a wide spectrum of the JINR's scientific tasks. A Web-page was prapared for the JINRLIB providing electronic access to the descriptions of programs and rules of their usage in case of compilers calls. The modern state of the JINR program libraries is shown on the web-page:

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