Annual Report 2002


According to the Cooperation Agreement between JINR and the research centre FZR (Rossendorf, Germany), a series of investigations has been conducted, the main direction of which was the choice, analysis and testing of new technologies to create information distributed systems, in particular, for organization of access to relational databases [24].

In cooperation with CERN, monitoring tools were developed for computing clusters with a large number of nodes (10000 and more) used in the EU DataGriD infrastructure. In the framework of the task on Monitoring and Fault Tolerance, an event correlation system (Correlation Engine) is being created. The task of the system is a timely detection of anomalous states on cluster's nodes and taking precautions to prevent failures. With the help of the created Correlation Engine Prototype, statistics is being accumulated on anomalous states of nodes based on the CERN computing clusters. The prototype has been installed for statistics accumulation at the computing clusters at CERN and JINR.

In cooperation with CERN and the Brookhaven National Laboratory, work was in progress on:

  • development of the object-oriented software environment (framework ROOT) for the solving of a wide range of scientific problems using workstations and personal computers ( [25];
  • elaboration, development and implementation of an information model of processes of acquisition, reconstruction and physical analysis of data for large experiments;
  • introduction (together with the BLHE) of modern object-oriented technologies for the STAR experiment.

Within the joint DFG-GSI-JINR project "Nonequilibrium Strongly Dense Matter in Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions", work was continued on creating the software for numerical research on heavy ions collisions in the framework of a hydrodynamic model for various type equations of nuclear matter state. With the help of the designed software, in cooperation with the physicists of JINR BLTP and the Kurchatov Institute, possible manifestations of the quantum chromodynamics (QCD) deconfinement phase transition in heavy ion collisions [26] were investigated.

In the framework of the Cooperation Agreement between JINR and Cape Town University, a nonlinear Schrodinger equation with defocusing nonlinearity, the localized solutions among of which are "dark" solitons (domain walls), was under study [27].

In 2002, the cooperation with the International Solvay Institute for Physics and Chemistry (Brussels, Belgium) was in progress. A series of investigations was devoted to research in the information traffic [3].

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