Annual Report 2002

The main problems of the Laboratory of Information Technologies in 2002 were related to provision of the reliable operation and development of the JINR's network telecommunications and to the software and computer support of the scientific research which is under way at the Institute in the framework of the research field "Networks, Computing, Computational Physics".

In 2002, the LIT scientific programme was determined by three first-priority topics of the Topical Plan for JINR Research and International Cooperation. The employees of the Laboratory were also involved in research on 12 topics at a project level and in other 14 topics at a cooperation level.

In 2002, LIT was an organizer of the Vth International Congress on Mathematical Modelling (V ICMM), the 4th All-Russia Conference on Digital Libraries (RCDL'2002), International workshop "Quantum Physics and Communication", the 9th international conference "Mathematics. Computer. Education".

In 2002, four scientists received a Doctor of Science degree and three received a Candidate of Science degree at LIT.

A series of work "Statistical Model of Information Traffic" was rewarded the JINR Second Prize for 2002.


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