Annual Report 2003


A systematic supplement and maintenance of the earlier constructed databases and information systems continued taking into account the users' needs. Among these are:

Work was in progress at LIT on the development of WWW-tools on the main information servers and The following main results of the work should be noted:

  • Allocation and support in the "Web-hosting" mode of information sites of a number of JINR's subdivisions and external organizations.
  • Introduction and support jointly with the service of JINR's Chief Engineer of the information system on the Basic Facilities of JINR (Nuclotron, U400, U400, IBR-2, Phasotron, IREN project).
  • Mapping a current state of both technical and software support of JINR's CCIC and communication facilities.

Steady support of one of the main general-purpose FTP-servers was provided: This server was also utilized for support and load on call of antivirus programs.

The employees of LIT fulfilled work for JINR's STD AMS on the software and centralized maintenance of administrative databases, including:

  • modernization of the interface and contents of the database "JINR Staff";
  • creation and modifications of the software complex on registration of currency bank in the environment of the common 1 system for JINR's Accounting Department;
  • creation of the journal for accounts' registration in the 1 environment and document "Rendering Services for Chief Power Engineer Department".

Work was in progress on the development and maintenance (Section of the server) of the archive of documentation and software related to the advanced technologies of "interlayer" (middleware). Computer programs were designed in the Java language for automation of unrolling the client and server applications on the mentioned technology.

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