Annual Report 2003

In 2003, the scientific programme of the Laboratory of Information Technologies (LIT) covered three first-priority topics of the Topical Plan for JINR Research and International Cooperation in 2003. The Laboratory staff participated in 13 more topics of the Topical Plan in collaboration with other JINR Laboratories on the project level and in 17 topics on the level of cooperation.

The main aim of the Laboratory is the performance of work in the framework of the topics "Information, Computer, and Network Support of JINR's Activity", 09-6-1048-2003/2007 (leaders V.V.Ivanov, V.V.Korenkov and P.V.Zrelov) and "Computer Physics for Theoretical and Experimental Research", 09-6-1041-2002/2004 (leaders I.V.Puzynin and A.Polanski). Main results of the investigations performed within these topics have been published in the well-known journals, proceedings of scientific conferences and preprints.

In the year 2003, a number of scientific projects with the LIT participation received grants of the European Community in the framework of the EU-Russia collaboration, INTAS, and 12 grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). Seven RFBR projects are devoted to the creation and development of information, computing and telecommunication resources, and the remaining five are initiative scientific projects.

In 2003, LIT was an organizer of two conferences: the Focus Symposium "Quantum Physics and Communication" (Dubna, 29 July - 2 August), and the XIX International Symposium on Nuclear Electronics & Computing (NEC'2003) (Varna, Bulgaria, September 15 - 20).

Second "Information Bulletin of LIT" (JINR, 4-8160. Dubna, 2003; was published which contains information for users of the JINR networking, computing and information resources.


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