Annual Report 2004

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The main task of the Laboratory of Information Technologies consists in provision with modern telecommunication, network and information resources together with providing the mathematical support of theoretical and experimental studies conducted by the JINR Member State institutes at JINR and other scientific centers.

In 2004, the LIT scientific programme covered mainly two first-priority topics of the Topical Plan for JINR Research and International Cooperation in 2004. The Laboratory staff participated in 13 more topics of the Topical Plan in collaboration with other JINR Laboratories at project level and in 17 topics at cooperation level. The main aim of the Laboratory is the performance of work on the "Information, Computer, and Network Support of JINR's Activity" (topic 09-6-1048-2003/2007, headed by V.Ivanov, V.Korenkov, and P.Zrelov) and in the field of the "Computer Physics for Theoretical and Experimental Research" (topic 09-6-1041-2002/2004, headed by I.Puzynin and A.Polanski). Main results of the investigations performed within these topics have been published in more than 140 articles in refereed journals, proceedings of scientific conferences and preprints.

In 2004, a number of scientific projects presented by LIT staff members received grants of the INTAS Foundation, the Commission of the European Community in the framework of the EU-Russia collaboration, and 13 grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Seven projects are devoted to the creation and development of information, computing and telecommunication resources for performing fundamental research, and the other six are initiative scientific projects.

During the year 2004, LIT participated in organizing two international conferences. On 25-31 January, the XI international conference "Mathematics. Computer. Education" was held. The purpose of such conferences is to integrate the efforts of Russian and foreign scientists, specialists and teachers directed towards developing science and higher education in Russia and other countries of CIS, as well as preserving the traditions of the Russian science and education and their integration in the international community.

On 29 June - 2 July, an international conference "Distributed Computing and Grid Technologies in Science and Education" was held. The conference was the first in Russia dedicated to the issues of implementation of advanced Grid technologies and distributed computing in all fields of human activities.


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