Laboratory  of  Information  Technologies 



Leading researcher of LIT JINR

Aleksander Polanski, Ph.D.

Institution, address: Laboratory of Information Technologies,

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141980 Dubna, Russia

Phones: (7 49621) 64 041

   (7 49621) 62 218

Fax: (7 49621) 65 145


Born: April 15, 1950 in Iwonicz Zdroj

Education: (years, institutions, degrees, title of thesis)

1968 -1973 - University of Mining and Metallurgy
Faculty of Physics and Nuclear Techniques, Cracow,Poland
Specialization: Nuclear Physics

1991 - Ph.D. A study of effectiveness of irregular shielding structures against neutron and gamma rays

Professional career

1974 - Scientific Assistant, Institute for Nuclear Research Swierk Poland

1975 - Principle Assistant, Institute for Nuclear Research, Swierk, Poland

1986 - Senior researcher of LCTA JINR

1991 - Assistant professor, Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies

1998 - Leading researcher of LCTA JINR

2000 - Deputy Director of LIT JINR

2003 - Head of the Scientific Department of Computational Physics, LIT, JINR

2005 - Acting leading researcher of LIT JINR

2006 - Leading researcher of LIT JINR

Other activities: (lecturing, membership in organizations, etc.)

1985-1986 - Lecturer Technical University Gdansk Poland

1997-1998 - Lecturer Technical University Warsaw Poland

Polanski is a member of the LIT (LCTA) Scientific Technical Council.

Research interests: Nuclear Physics, Computer Physics, Monte Carlo modeling and its applications to calculations of interactions of high-energy particle with matter, intra-nuclear cascades, interaction of cosmic irradiation with matter, Monte Carlo modeling of accelerated driven systems.


English : read, write, speak
Russian : read, write, speak
Polish : read, write, speak

Bibliography: Results of my scientific activities have been published in more than 70 various type publications.