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  Abstracts (generated in MS WORD or LaTex) must be submitted by E-mail  strizh@jinr.ru  before 15 April, 2004 (new date!).

Formatting Guidelines.

  1-page abstract should be formatted as follows: size A4, width of the type area - 160 mm,
length - 220 mm, in Times New Roman 12 pt, with ordinary space between lines.

  The Heading (in CAPITAL LETTERS), author's last name and initials (Ivanov I.I.) and some important details (full name of organization; country, index, mailing address; phone- and fax numbers, -mail) are centered, the heading and author's name being presented in semiboldface typing.

  The heading, author's name and whereabouts should be one-line spaced, between the author's whereabouts and the abstract's text - a two-line space.

  The right margin of the type area should be lined up.



Joint Institute for Nuclear Research