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  LIT papers: "Particles and Nuclei, Letters" (2017)

1. Bednyakov I.V., Dolbilov A.G., Ivanov Yu.P.
The LGD JINR Cluster Modernization to Provide LNP Experiments (rus)
Vol. 14, No.1(206). P. 125-132

2. N. Makhaldiani
Renormdynamics, discrete Dyinamics and Quanputers
Т. 14, No.2(207). P. 248'2015.pdf#page=36

3. Ablyazimov T. O., Ivanov V. V.
Fast Reconstruction of Trajectories of Charged Muons Recorded by the MUCH Detector in the CBM Experiment (rus)
Vol. 14, No.3(208). P. 287-298

4. Ivanov V. V., Kryanev A. V., Osetrov E. S.
Forecasting the Daily Electricity Consumption in the Moscow Region Using Artificial Neural Networks (rus)
Vol. 14, No.4(209). P. 418-432

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