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    LIT preprints (2007)

  1. K. V. Lukyanov, E. V. Zemlyanaya, I. N. Kukhtina, V. K. Lukyanov, Z. Metavey, K. M. Khanna
    Microscopic Approach to the Heavy Ion Scattering with Excitation of Nuclear Collective States

  2. E. P. Akishina, T. P. Akishina, V. V. Ivanov, A. I. Maevskaya, O. A. Afanas'ev
    Electron/Pion Identification in the CBM TRD Using a Multilayer Perceptron

  3. I. R. Lomidze, J. I. Javakhishvili
    Application of Orthogonal Invariants of Operators in Solving Some Physical Problems

  4. K. V. Lukyanov
    Double Folding Model of Nucleus-Nucleus Potential: Formulae, Iteration Method and Computer Code

  5. S. A. Bunyatov, A. S. Vovenko, I. M. Ivanchenko, N. N. Karpenko, B. A. Popov
    Reconstruction of Trajectories in the "IHEP-JINR Neutrino Detector"

  6. S. R. Gevorkyan, D. T. Madigozhin, A. V. Tarasov, O. O. Voskresenskaya
    Electromagnetic Effects and Scattering Lengths Extraction from Experimental Data on K 3p Decays

  7. Gh. Adam, S. Adam
    Rigorous Derivation of the Mean-Field Green Functions of the Two-Band Hubbard Model of Superconductivity

  8. Lebedev S., Ososkov G., Hoehne C.
    Ring Recognition in the CBM RICH Detector

  9. Gundorin N. A., Dikoussar N. D., Mazny N. G., Pikelner L. B., Salamatin I. M., Tsulaia M. I.
    An Express-Analysis of Spectra in Precision Experiments

  10. Amirkhanov I. V., Didyk A. Yu., Muzafarov D. Z., Puzynin I. V., Puzynina T. P., Sarkar N. R., Sarkhadov I., Sharipov Z. A.
    The Use of Nonlinear Thermal Spike Model for Calculations of Temperature Effects at Two Layer Structures under Their Irradiation with High Energy Heavy Ions

  11. Amirkhanov I. V., Didyk A. Yu., Muzafarov D. Z., Puzynin I. V., Puzynina T. P., Sarkar N. R., Sarkhadov I., Sharipov Z. A.
    Temperature Effect Studies in Frame of Thermal Spike Model at Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite under Irradiation with 86Kr and 209Bi High-Energy Heavy Ions

  12. S. A. Mikheev, V. P. Tsvetkov
    The Bifurcation Points of Rotating Magnetic Newtonian Polytrops with a Coefficient Close to Unit

  13. Zhidkov E. P., Amirkhanov I. V., Kiyan I. N., Tarashkevich R.
    Methods of Modeling of Operation Modes of Multi-Purpose Isochronous Cyclotron

  14. Amirkhanov I. V., Muzafarov D. Z., Sarkar N. R., Sarhadov I., Sharipov Z. A.
    Solution of Boundary-Value Problems for Singular Perturbed Differential Equations of High Order

  15. E. P. Akishina, T. P. Akishina, V. V. Ivanov, O. Yu. Denisova
    Distributions of Energy Losses of Electrons and Pions in the CBM TRD

  16. Baldin A.A., Gus'kov B.N., Kadykov M.G., Mihajlov K.V., Salmin R.A., Semashko S.V., Strokovskij E.A.
    Asymmetries in Inclusive Spectra of +, p and d at Interaction of Polarized Proton and Deuteron Beams with Carbon Nuclei Obtained at the MARUSYA Setup

  17. Zeynalova O., Zeynalov Sh., Hambsch F.-J., Oberstedt S.
    Digital Signal Processing Algorithms for Nuclear Particle Spectroscopy

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