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    LIT preprints (2008)

  1. Soloviev A.G., Stadnik A.V., Islamov A.H., Kuklin A.I.
    Fitter. The Package for Fitting a Chosen Theoretical Multi-Parameter Function through a Set of Data Points. Application to Experimental Data of the YuMO Spectrometer. Version 2.1.0. Long Write-Up and User's Guide

  2. Lebedev A.A., Ososkov G.A.
    Track Reconstruction in the CBM TRD

  3. Zeynalov Sh., Zeynalova O., Smirnov V.
    Application of Digital Signal-Processing Technique to Delayed-Neutron Yield Measurements on Thermal-Neutron Induced Fission of 237Np

  4. Melemov H.T., Boyadjiev T.L.
    Numerical Solution of Systems ODE's on Embedded Intervals

  5. Bespalko E.V., Mikheev C.A., Puzynin I.V., Reznikov A.M., Tsvetkov V.P.
    Bifurcations in One Astrophysical Model of Rotating Magnetized Politropics with a Small Index

  6. Hashemi-Nezhad S.R., Zhuk I.V., Kievets M., Krivopustov M.I., Sosnin A.N., Westmeier W., Brandt R.
    Investigation of Spatial Distribution of Fission-Rate of Natural Uranium Nuclei in the Blanket of Electronuclear Setup "Energy plus Transmutation" at Dubna Nuclotron Proton Beam at Energy 1.5 GeV

  7. Zhanlav T., Mijiddorj R., Chuluunbaatar O.
    The Continuous Analog of Newton's Method for Solving Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of the Matrices

  8. Zhanlav T., Mijiddorj R.
    Integro Cubic Splines and Their Approximation Properties

  9. Nechayevskiy A.V., Korenkov V.V.
    DataGrid Simulation with OptorSim Package

  10. Uzhinskiy А.V., Korenkov V.V.
    Statistical Analysis of Failures when Transferring Data in the Global EGEE/WLCG Infrastructure

  11. Amirkhanov I.V., Muzafarov D.Z., Sarker N.R., Sarhadov I., Sharipov Z.A.
    Investigation of Solutions of Boundary Problems for Singular-Perturbed Differential Equation of Fourth Order in a Field of Coulomb Potential

  12. Yuldashev O.I., Yuldasheva M.B.
    3D Finite Elements with Harmonic Basis Functions for Approximations of High Orde

  13. Melemov H.T., Boyadjiev T.L.
    Spline-Collocation Scheme of High Order of Accuracy for Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations

  14. Melemov H.T., Boyadjiev T.L.
    Numerical Solution of a Class of Boundary Value Problems Arising in the Physics of Josephson Junctions

  15. Akishin P.G., Sapozhnikov A.A., Fisher Z.Je., Shnicer P.B.
    Automatic 3D Mesh Generator

  16. Ivanov V.V., Lebedev A.A., Lebedev S.A., Osokov G.A.
    Geometry Optimization of the Transition Radiation Detector for the CBM Experiment

  17. Christov I.G., Dimova S.N., Boyadjiev T.L.
    Stability and Bifurcation of the Magnetic Flux Bound States in Stacked Josephson Junctions

  18. Radev S.P., Boyadjiev T.L., Onofri F
    Mathematical Modeling of a Steady Glass Fiber Drawing Process

  19. Amirkhanov I.V., Zemlyanaya E.V., Lakhno V.D., Muzafarov D.Z., Puzynin I.V., Puzynina T.P., Sharipov Z.A.
    Numeric Study of the Dynamics of Polaron State

  20. Amirkhanov I.V., Puzynin I.V., Puzynina T.P., Sharipov Z.A.
    Mathematical Modelling of Thermal Processes in Materials at Irradiation by Heavy Ions of High Energies

  21. Chirgadze Yu.N., Ivanov V.V., Polozov R.V., Sivozhelezov V.S., Zheltukhin E.I.
    Structural and Electrostatic Regularities in Interactions of Homeodomains with Operator DNA

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