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    LIT preprints (2011)

  1. Lebedev S.
    Fast Parallel Ring Recognition Algorithm in the RICH Detector of the CBM Experiment at FAIR

  2. Belyakov D.V., Davydova N.A., Gostev I.M., Kalmykova L.A., Syresina T.S., Zrelov P.V.
    Information System DoctorDoc of Electronic Document Circulation (rus)

  3. Gevorkyan A.S., Abajyan H.G., Sukiasyan H.S.
    A New Parallel Algorithm for Simulation of a Spin-Glass System on Scales of Space-Time Periods of an External Field

  4. Ayryan E.A., Egorov A.A., Michuk E.N., Sevastyanov A.L., Sevastianov L.A., Stavtsev A.B.
    Representations of Guided Modes of Integrated-Optical Multilayer Thin-Film Waveguides

  5. Galaktionov V.V
    GridCom, Grid Commander: Graphical Interface for Grid Jobs and Data Management (rus)

  6. Gevorkyan A.S., Abajyan H.G., Ayryan E.A.
    On Modeling of Statistical Properties of Classical 3D Spin Glasses

  7. Gevorkyan A.S., Abajyan H.G.
    A New Parallel Algorithm for Simulation of Spin Glasses on Scales of Space-Time Periods of External Fields with Consideration of Relaxation Effects

  8. Filozova I.A., Zaikina T.N., Musulmanbekov Zh.Zh., Semenov R.N., Shestakova G.V.
    User Guide to JINR Server of Scientific Publications JDS (rus)

  9. Bogdanova N., Todorov S.
    Orthonormal Polynomial Approximation of Water Drop Evaporation Data with Errors in Two Variables

  10. Kupenova T.N.
    An Inductive Algorithm for Smooth Approximation of Functions

  11. Amirkhanov I.V., Sarkar N.R., Sarkhadov I., Tukhliev Z. k., Sharipov Z. A.
    Analytical and Computational Investigations of Solutions of Boundary-Value Problems for the Quasipotential Equation (rus)

  12. Afanasiev O.A., Zrelov P.V., Ivanov V.V., Polozov R.V., Sivozhelezov V.S., Stepanenko V.A., Chirgadze Yu.N.
    A Software Complex for Mapping and Research of Proteins and Nucleic Acids (rus)

  13. Grokhlina T.I., Afanasiev O.A., Ivanov V.V., Polozov R.V., Chirgadze Yu.N., Sivozhelezov V.S.
    ANTPC - a Database of Amino Acid-Nucleotide Contacts in the Protein-DNA Complexes (rus)

  14. Alexandrov E.I., Kotov V.M., Uzhinsky V.V., Zrelov P.V.
    HEPWEB - WEB-Portal for Monte Carlo Simulations in High-Energy Physics

  15. Borisovsky V.F., Zaikina T.N., Musulmanbekov G.
    Indico: Conference Storage and Management System (rus)

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