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    LIT preprints (2012)

  1. Kulakov I.S., Baginyan S.A., Ivanov V.V., Kisel P.I.
    Perfomance Analysis of a Cellular Automaton Algorithm for the Solution of the Track Reconstruction Problem on a Manycore Server at LIT, JINR (rus)

  2. Slepov I.P., Ososkov G.A., Rogachevsky O.
    Informational Support for Software Development of the MPD Experiment at the NICA Collider (rus)

  3. Zlokazov V.B., Utyonkov V.K.
    Optimum Confidence Interval in the Analysis of Exponentially Distributed Rare Events (rus)

  4. Dikusar N.D.
    Piecewise Polynomial Approximation of the Sixth Order with Automatic Knots Detection (rus)

  5. Melezhik A.V.
    Acceleration of calculation of matrix elements by means of parallel programming in MPI (rus)

  6. Amirkhanov I.V., Sarkar N.R., Sarkhadov I., Tukhliev Z.K., Sharipov Z.A.
    Analytical and Computational Investigations of Solutions of Scattering Problem for the Quasipotential Equation (rus)

  7. Lukyanov V.K., Zemlyanaya E.V., Lukyanov K.V., Zhabitskaya E. I., Zhabitsky M.V.
    A Modeling of the Pion-Nucleus Microscopic Optical Potential at Energies of (3,3)-Resonance and In-Medium Effect on the Pion-Nucleon Amplitude of Scattering (rus)

  8. Ayryan E.A., Gevorkyan A.S., Sevastyanov L.A.
    On the Reduction of Dimensionality of a General Classical Three-Body Problem

  9. Yamaleev R.M.
    Solutions of Riccati-Abel Equation in Terms of Characteristics of General Complex Algebra

  10. Kuraev E.A., Voskresenskaya O.O., Tarasov A.V.
    Coulomb Correction to the Screening Angle of the Molire Multiple Scattering Theory

  11. Sivozhelezov V.S. et al.
    Electrostatics as a Factor of Biomolecular Recognition in Processes of Transcription and Translation

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