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    LIT preprints (2016)

  1. Amirkhanov I.V., Sarkar N.R., Sarkhadov I., Tukhliev Z.K.
    Investigation of Quasi-Stationary States in the Double-Barrier Open Well

  2. Batgerel B., Nikonov E.G., Puzynin I.V.
    A Procedure for Constructing Symplectic Numerical Schemes for Solving Hamiltonian Systems of Equations

  3. iselev . ., Zemlyanaya . V.
    Dehydration of the Intermembrane Space in the Multilamellar Membranes of Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine under the Influence of Dimethyl Sulfoxide. Neutron and Synchrotron Study

  4. Kabdrakhimova G.D., Sobolev Yu.G., Kukhtina I.N., Kuterbekov K.A., Mendibaev K.O., Yu.E. Penionzhkevich
    Investigation of the Total Cross Sections in the Interactions of 6 and 4 Nuclei with Si Nuclei at 5-50 MeV/A

  5. Dikusar N. D.
    Optimization of a Solution in Problems of Piecewise Polynomial Approximation

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