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    LIT preprints (2017)

  1. Dolya S. N., Sarkhadov I.
    Calculation of High-Current Linear Proton Accelerator with an Energy of 80 MeV

  2. Derenovskaya . Yu., Ivanov V. V., Ogorodnikova D. S.
    J/Ψ → e+e Decays Selection Criteria for Au + Au Collisions at 10A GeV in the CBM Experiment

  3. Lenivenko V. V., Palichik V. V.
    Reconstruction of Charged Particle Trajectories in Multiwire Proportional Chambers at the BM@N Experiment

  4. iselev . ., Zemlyanaya E. V., Gruzinov A. Yu., Zhabitskaya E. I., Ipatova O. M., Aksenov V. L.
    Analysis of Vesicular Structure of Nanoparticles in the Phospholipid Based Drug Delivery System using SAXS Data

  5. Yuldasheva M. B., Yuldashev O.I.
    Boundary Least-Squares Method with 3D Harmonic Basis of a High Order for Solving Linear Div-Curl Systems

  6. Yuldasheva M. B., Yuldashev O.I..
    Application of Harmonic Basis of a High Order for Solving Some Magnetostatic Problems

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