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  • 29 May 2007    Dear Users!

    The current status of the LIT Cluster:

    1. User authorization through a new base Kerberos5 has some special features, namely:

      • Until the user does not change his password (by command kpasswd), he will not get all the rights requires for normal work in the LIT cluster.
      • LIT Cluster is completely tuned for authorization in Kerberos5, and ssh from machines outside the cluster (from user's machines) should be performed by Protocol 2 and without agent ssh, for example,
        ssh -2a <user> 
      • Work with batch system is possible only upon full registration in Kerberos5 base.
      • When calling the changing password command kpasswd, one can introduce an old password. This will be enough for registration in Kerberos5.

    2. Batch tasks are working and AFS is also accessible for those tasks. It is necessary to be registeres in the base Kerberos 5 (see item 1). if the password was chenged by kpasswd command, run 'pbspwstore' command - to store the new password in Batch.
      Commands ssh/scp also work in Batch, but on ssh 1 protocol, for example
             ssh -1x
             scp -1Bqp<file> <dir>
    3. Program packages CERNLIB and ROOT have been installed on interactive machines with OS SL4 lxpub01-lxpub03.

      Variables of environment CERN-ROOT, ROOTSYS are installed automatically when entering the system.

      The compilers and utilities Intel and paralleling system MPI will be installed soon.

    In case of any problem please contact us at

  • 25 May 2007    Dear Users!

    The current status of the LIT Cluster is as foolows:

    1. In cooperation with the JINR NEtwork Service, transfer of the users' database and their passwords from Kerberos 4 to Kerberos 5 has been done. Now you can change a password with "kpasswd" command.

    2. Tasks in Batch work, and AGS is accessible for those tasks too. At present commands ssh/scp do not work from batch. We expect to resolve this problem soon. System MPI has not been installed on computing batch nodes.

    3. The following program packages haven't been installed on interactive machines with OS SL4 lxpub01-lxpub03:

      - CERNlib;
      - ROOT;
      - compilers and utilities Intel;
      - MPI system for paralleling.

      The packages will be installed in the nearest future.

    4. Some problems can arise with FTP access to Web pages on machine

    In case of any problem please contact us at

  • 11 May 2007    Dear users of LIT cluster,

    Machines lxpub01-lxpub03 were renamed into lxpub05-lxpub07.

    The current problem is to enter the machines lxpub01-lxpub03. This problem is expected to be solved within 1-2 days.

  • 10 May 2007    Dear users of LIT cluster,

    The LIT cluster machines have developed a fault at present:

    1. In the days ahead, the batch processing system will not run users' tasks from AFS directories (HOME).
      The problem is supposed to be solved till 14 May, 2007.
    2. The data storage system dCache does not operate. Its complete start-up will take several weeks. Access to directories in dCache /pnfs/ is expected to be restored by 14 May.
    3. All accounting nodes of the batch system have been installed from OS SL44 (Scientific Linux) in variant x86_64 (CPU architecture). However, there are libraries of compatibility with architecture CPU i386 and OS SL3. We strongly recommend you to re-arrange the programs for x86_64 architecture.

      Since 11 May, 2007 the following interactive machines will be accessible for the users:

         lxpub01, OC SL44 x86_64
         lxpub02, OC SL44 x86_64
         lxpub03, OC SL44 i386
         lxpub04, OC SL308 i386

    4. Till 14 May 2007 packages ROOT and CERNLIB will not be accessible on lxpub01-03 machines.
    5. Local scratch areas are accessible for users (/scr/u) on the interactive machines since 14 May:
          lxpub01, lxpub02 - 200GB
          lxpub03 - 50GB
          lxpub004 - 15GB

      It is planned to increase scratch on lxpub03, lxpub04 up to 100GB by late May.

  • 10 May 2007    dCache Manual
  • 5 April 2007    Attention to Users of LIT Cluster!

    From 30 April to 9 May, 2007, a new equipment is expected to be installed at the JINR Central Information Computing Complex.
    This will demand a considerable re-configuration of the infrastructure. Thus, all the computing farms and most disc servers will be put out of operation.

    Access will be provided to:

          - interactive machines lxpub01 - lxpub03;
          - server of scratch directories on the interactive machines /scrc;
          - WWW, FTP, MAIL servers;
          - AFS servers of home directories support.

    Warning! The mentioned machines may be turned off (during not longer than 4 hours though).

    We make our apologies for possible inconveniences.

    System administrators of LIT Cluster

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