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The main machines have OS Scientific Linux of version 4 - SL4. This OS is a clone (a full analogue) of RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 - RHEL4. The compatible OS Scientific Linux CERN - SLC4; CentOS 4 is also known.
OS SL4 is installed in a 64-bit variant and with all available packages of compatibility with 32-bit programs. Also there are libraries of compatibility with OS SL3 (RHEL3) and RedHat 7.3. Basically, this OS variant provides a way for the development of both 64-bit software and 32-bit one. However, the latter is connected with certain difficulties. We recommend to develop own software in a 64-bit variant.
One machine UI has been installed with OS SL4 in 32-bit variant.

A variant of OS - SL4 x86_64 is installed on machines:
- UI: lxpub01, lxpub02;
- WN: wn001-:-wn060,  wn101 -:- wn130,  wnt01 -:- wnt10.

A variant of OS - SL4 i686 is installed on the machines:
- UI - lxpub03, lxpub04*

* - will be set in the near time.

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