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Characteristics of CICC JINR

The internal CICC network operates basically on the GB Ethernet technology. All basic computing capacities and data storage resources are connected to the routers of the internal network with the speed of 1Gbps. The internal CICC network is connected to the JINR Backbone and a boundary router also with the speed of 1Gbps.

Now the available computing machines are as follows:

- 60 64-bit machines:
2 processors Xeon 5150 (2 cores per processor);
Clock frequency 2.66 GHz;
160GB disk on 20 machines and 250 GB on 40;
1Gb Ethernet.

- 30 64-bit machines:
2 processors Xeon E5430 (4 cores per processor);
Clock frequency 2.66GHz;
250GB Disk;
1Gb Ethernet.

- 10 64 -bit machines:
2 processors Xeon X5450 (4 cores per processor);
Clock frequency 3.00GHz;
250GB Disk;
1Gb Ethernet;
2x Infiniband.

As dual-core processors are actually 2 and 4 independent processors on one crystal, we possess 560 64-bit CPU and 10 32-bit CPU. All these CPU are accessible to JINR users and Grid through batch.

For the development of own software and other needs of JINR users, 4 machines with interactive access of users are provided:

2 64-bit machines (Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 120GB + 250GB HDD, 1Gb Ethernet);
2 32-bit machines (Dual Athlon 2400 +, 2GB RAM, 40GB + 120GB HDD, 1Gb Ethernet).

There are some servers supporting work of users and JINR Services: batch, WWW, DB mysql and Oracle; e-mail; DNS and others. These servers continue to work on various platforms: from 32-bit Pentium-3 up to 64-bit Core 2 Duo and Opteron.

The basic system of storing great volumes of information in CICC is the hardware-software complex dCache. At the moment it comprises:

  • 7 servers of basic interfaces of system dCache
  • 14 data storage systems (Pool)

Hardware platforms: Athlon 64 X2, Athlon 2000 +, Pentium 4, Pentium D, Xeon. All storage systems are constructed with use of hardware mechanism RAID5. The general accessible capacity of the system is ~82 TB.

A plenty of AFS servers has been installed in the JINR CICC. AFS is a highly protected distributed file system that serves a basis of support of domestic directories of users and a system of access to the general software for JINR. General AFS space at JINR is ~3.56TB, on CICC servers - ~1.38TB. In total, 6 AFS servers have been installed at CICC. The general used AFS space in JINR - 160GB, from them LIT - 152GB.

To provide service of WLCG site at JINR (the site is a separate cluster in the distributed system LCG and EGEE), installed were 24 servers with system gLite (ON EGEE/LCG). Besides the functions of supports of the operation of site JINR-LCG2, part of servers realize important services and functions of supporting the Russian segment of projects LCG and EGEE.

In total, there are 29 servers of the general support of the CICC infrastructure.

The structure of the CICC JINR includes the test farm installed to check-up and debug the new versions of gLite software in the structure of 8 machines.

In LIT set and a few machines are tested with new OC - Scientific Linux SL release 5.2.
In the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 transition of basic services CICC to this version SL is expected.

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