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The main OS of practically all CICC components is OS Linux, namely the distribution kit Scientific Linux - SL6. This distribution kit is supported by large research centres FNAL, CERN, it is distributed free-of-charge and is a full analogue of the widely distributed commercial product of the firm Redhat Enterprise Linux. This distribution kit is the base for work of the LHC physicists. SL6 have been also selected as a basic OS in the projects wLCG and EMI/UMD.

As CICC is as well an element of the global computing structure Grid - wLCG, then the computing machines and many servers as well as interactive machines were supplied with middleware of the resource integration level in Grid EMI-3. In 2004, the JINR CICC was completely included in the Project LCG as its integral part. At present the contribution of the CICC computing resources with respect to the all Russian community wLCG is from 20 up to 30 percent, about 40 percent on the data storage resources. The JINR Site is one of the most efficient sites of the corresponding size within the wLCG as to its reliability and availability.

In order to expand the opportunities of work of the local users on CICC, we have installed an additional software
optimizing compilers Intel;
system of paralleling tasks;
graphic utilities and other software.

The current CICC structure includes several specialized machines for support of the local and international user collaborations: MPD of project NICA, PANDA-GRID. Machines are intended for installation of specialized software of the collaborations and start-up of a stream of computing tasks via the system of batch processing. These machines also support the NFS service for specialized software on the computing machines.

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