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15. 03. 2018
March 21, 2018,   at 15.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

Joint seminar with Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics

N.V. Korepanova, N.D. Dikusar, Y.N. Pepelyshev, M. Dima: "Neutron Noise Analysis using the Basic Element Method"
The neutron noise spectra in nuclear reactors are a convolution of multiple induced reactions. In the case of the IBR-2M pulsed reactor (JINR-Dubna), neutron noise is a random change in the pulse energy. More... ( PDF)
15. 03. 2018
March 20, 2018,   at 15.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

D. Oleynik: "Challenges for distributed computing in preparation to HL LHC"
Main aim of this talk is to get overview of current status and describe nearest needs from distributed computing for LHC Experiments. Evolution of HEP Software and middleware of experiments which dictated by the evolution of computing facilities and changes of distributed computing paradigm will be described.

01. 03. 2018

Dear Colleagues!!
Please see information about LIT supercomputer in JINR

26. 02. 2018
February 27, 2018,   at 15.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) a meeting of the LIT Scientific Technical Council will be held:


  • Выступление Овчаренко Егора Владимировича по материалам кандидатской диссертации  "Разработка методов моделирования, сбора и анализа данных физических установок и их применение для детектора RICH эксперимента CBM".
    Научный руководитель Белогуров С.Г.
  • Проект заключения НТС ЛИТ. 
26. 02. 2018
February 28, 2018,   at 15.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

1. Taisia S. Shiniaeva: "Mathematical models of information processes in the academic community"
Model of activity in the network and its analysis was proposed as a result of the research. More... ( PDF)

2. Bobkov S. A. (NRC "Kurchatov Institute"): "The classification of diffraction images by type biomolecules studied in experiments on lasers with free electrons using machine training methods"
(materials of a PhD thesis)
The method of coherent x-ray diffraction microscopy (CXDI) on free electron lasers provides a way for determining a three-dimensional structure of nano-dimensional objects, including biological particles such as proteins and viruses, with a resolution up to 1 Å. More... ( PDF)

13. 02. 2018
February 15, 2018,   at 15.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

P.V. Goncharov (State Technical University of Gomel, Republic of Belarus), M.A. Matveev (JINR): "Using HybriLIT cluster to speed up the calculations for machine learning tasks"
In past decades the topic of self-learning algorithms, such as deep neural networks, has gained popularity. The idea appeared in the 50s of the past decade, but hardware and software was an obstacle to research. More... ( PDF)

13. 02. 2018
February 21, 2018,   at 11.30  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

Ayryan E.A. (LIT JINR), Malykh M.D. (RUDN, MSU), Sevastianov L.A. (RUDN, JINR): "Finite differences method and integration of differential equations in finite terms"
For ordinary differential equations of a certain class introduced by the French mathematician Painleve, one can construct finite difference schemes that preserve algebraic properties of exact solutions. More... ( PDF)

06. 02. 2018
February 12, 2018,   at 15.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

Prof. Daniel Vizman (West University of Timişoara, Romania): "Numerical modelling activities at West University of Timisoara"
Prof. dr. Daniel Vizman is the Dean of Physics Faculty and the leader of the Crystal Growth Laboratory, West University of Timisoara. Professor Vizman is a former Humbolt Fellow at Fraunhofer Institute, Erlangen, Germany and the Secretary of European Network of Crystal Growth. More... ( PDF )

29. 01. 2018

Dear Colleagues!
Please see photo-report of the opening of the 25th International Conference "Mathematics. Computing. Education" (MCE-2018) which is being held these days in the Dubna State University.

28. 01. 2018

From 29 January to 3 February 2018, XXV International Conference "Mathematics, Computing. Education" will be held in the Dubna State University.   During the conference, online streaming of plenary meeting and round tables will be organized on the Dubna State University you-tube channel.

18. 01. 2018
January 23, 2018,   at 15.00  ( LIT Conference Hall ) a meeting of the LIT Scientific Technical Council will be held:


  • V. V. Korenkov. Status and prospects of the development of LIT JINR.
  • Elections for the positions of:
    1. A leading researcher, elected is a leading researcher Yu. l. Kalinovsky
         O. Chuluunbaatar represents
    2. A leading researcher, elected is leading researcher N.Yu. Shirikova
         I. V. Amirkhanov represents
  • Different items.
15. 01. 2018
January 18, 2018,   at 15.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

Alexander Wagner (DESY, Hamburg): "JOIN2. A scientists toolbox"
The talk gives an outline of the JOIN2 project for our new partners at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, Russian Federation. More... ( PDF )

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