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13. 11. 2017
November 16, 2017,   at 15.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

E. Ovcharenko: "Development of simulation, readout and data acquisition methods for the experimental setups and their application to the RICH detector of the CBM experiment"
(Materials of a PhD thesis)
Contemporary high energy physics experiments, in particular relativistic heavy ion collision experiments, set tough requirements to the design solutions. More... ( PDF)

10. 11. 2017
November 14, 2017,   at 11.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

V. Palichik, A. Shishkin (St.Petersburg State University), N. Voytishin: "Precise Coordinate Reconstruction in the Cathode Strip Chambers of the CMS Experiment"
The Run2 of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that we are facing now is characterized with a higher luminosity, pile-up and energy of the passing particles. This imposes new challenges almost to every part of all the systems that form the CMS experiment. The Cathode Strip Chambers (CSCs) are one of these parts. More... ( PDF )

30. 10. 2017
November 08, 2017,   at 11.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

D.A. Perepelkin (Ryazan State Radio-engineering University): "Mathematical and software support of adaptive routing and balancing of data flows in software-configured networks with the provision of network service quality"
(Materials of a doctoral thesis 05.13.11)
Development of models, methods, algorithms and software for adaptive routing and balancing of data streams to improve the efficiency of the PKS and ensure the quality of network services at the dynamic changes of the metrics of communication links and the network structure arising due to the load changes and the real capacity of the communication channels and switching equipment. More... ( PDF)

27. 10. 2017

27 октября 2017 г., состоится очередное заседание диссертационного совета ЛИТ (Д 720.001.04)
Конференц-зал ЛИТ, 5 этаж, в 14.00
Повестка дня:
Приём к защите диссертации Климентова Алексея Анатольевича.
Диссертация: "Методы обработки сверхбольших объемов данных в распределенной гетерогенной компьютерной среде для приложений в ядерной физике и физике высоких энергий" на соискание ученой степени доктора физико-математических наук по специальности 05.13.11. (ГНЦ КИ, Москва)
Научный консультант - профессор Кореньков Владимир Васильевич.
Представляет - профессор Гердт Владимир Петрович.
Председатель заседания - профессор Иванов Виктор Владимирович.
Адрес сайта, на котором размещена диссертация, автореферат и заключение комиссии диссертационного совета.

12. 10. 2017
October 17, 2017,   at 11.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

R. L. Smelyansky (Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics MSU): "Use of the SDN and NFV technology for infrastructure management in physical experiments"
The report considers the basic principles of SDN and NFV technologies, the concept of scientific service, examples of applying these technologies to manage the data networks, virtualization of various resources, the service lifecycle as well as the management of cloud computing in the data center. The report presents data about the infrastructure and organization of the data processing of physical experiments in the projects WLCG, LHC.

29. 09. 2017

Dear Colleagues!
The 21st International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists of JINR (AYSS-2017) will be held on 2 – 6 October 2017 in the Laboratory of Information Technologies of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.
You can get acquainted with the programme of the Conference here.

15. 09. 2017

Seminar & training "Intel production for high-performance computations and data analysis" will be held:

  • September 20, 2017, Conference hall of LIT, JINR in 14-00
  • September 21, 2017, «Dubna» University in 14-30.
    More...( PDF )
13. 09. 2017
September 14, 2017,   at 15.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

V. V. Korenkov, G. P. Reshetnikov, A. G. Reshetnikov, S. V. Ulyanov: " Robotized IT of data processing and intelligent control over physical installations on the basis of relativistic quantum informatics"
The developed structure of a self-organizing intelligent control systems allows one to include into its control loop a human factor on the basis of a hybrid cognitive control and to form the databases taking into account the contingencies of management. More... ( PDF)

12. 09. 2017
September 15, 2017,   at 11.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

1. M. B. Yuldasheva, O. I. Yuldashev: " Boundary least square method with a 3D high order harmonic basis for solving linear div-curl systems. "
For a 3D case justification of the boundary least squares method with a high order harmonic basis which is earlier formulated by authors is offered. More... ( PDF)
2. M. B. Yuldasheva, O. I. Yuldashev: " Applications of a high order harmonic basis for solving some magnetostatic problems. "
The aim of this work is investigation of possibilities of using high order harmonic basis for solving some magnetostatic problems. More... ( PDF)

12. 09. 2017

Dear Colleagues,
International Conference "Convergent Cognitive and Information Technologies" and XII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Modern Information Technologies and IT education" will be held in Lomonosov Moscow State University on 24 – 26 November, 2017
(Expiration date of reception of texts of scientific reports: 1 October, 2017)

07. 09. 2017
September 12, 2017,   at 11.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

B.F. Kostenko: " Proton spin puzzle and confinement of quarks"
By means of the Dirac equation written in the cylindrical coordinates, an influence of confinement in the gluon Y-string region on quark helicities in a high-speed nucleon is investigated. More... ( PDF)

15. 06. 2017

Dear colleagues!
You can find the LIT Annual report for year 2016.

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