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    Sanda-Anca Adam

Sanda-Anca Adam Sanda-Anca Adam - Doctor of Science.
Physicist (computational and condensed matter theoretical physics),
Principal Scientist at the Laboratory of Information Technologies, JINR, Dubna.

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • List of main scientific publications for the last years

  • Research interests:
    Condensed matter physics (magnetism and high Tc superconductivity), computational physics, pattern recognition in positron spectroscopy.
    Priorities in crystal field and anisotropy property investigations of rare-earth intermetallics, the development of Bayesian quadrature methods, Fermi surface pattern recognition in 2D-ACAR spectroscopy.
    Computer physics methods applied in the study of physical properties of transition metals, crystalline electric fields and giant anisotropy of intermetallic compounds, channeling of relativistic charged particles, high critical temperature superconductivity.
    Assessment and optimization of the performance of multi-core computing facilities in LIT JINR and IFIN-HH Bucharest.

(7 49621) 6-58-69
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Laboratory of Information Technoloqies
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
141980 Dubna, Russia
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