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  CURRICULUM:  Rudolf Pose
Adviser of LIT Directorate at JINR

Rudolf Pose - Experimental physicist, specialist in the fields of experimental physics and applied computer science.

Born: 25 August 1934, in Halle (Germany).

Education:  Diploma of the physical faculty of the Moscow state university (1958).

Subjects of main scientific works:

Experimental elementary particle physics. Construction of a centre for bubble chamber photographs processing at Institute for high-energy physics Academy of science GDR. Experiment automation; automatic image processing; scientific tools development; application of computer science and computing techniques in scientific research and development.

Other data:

1957 - thesis at Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, JINR
1958 - 1961 - engineer at LNP, JINR
1961 - 1984 - assistant, group leader, head of the scientific division for new design and development at institute for high-energy physics of Academy of Science, GDR.
1969 - 1971 - deputy director Laboratory of Computing Techniques and Automation, JINR.
1972 - Professor
1985 - 1990 - deputy leader of division of mathematics and computer sciences Academy of Science GDR; leader division of mathematics and computer sciences and member of the presidium Academy of science GDR.
1990 - 2000 - director of Laboratory of computing techniques and automation, JINR.
2000 - 2005 - adviser of JINR Directorate.
2006 - Adviser of LIT Directorate at JINR.
Dr.rer.nat. (1967) и (1970) Humboldt University Berlin.
Member of the European Academy of Science.
Member of the European Physical Society (EPS) and board member of the Interdivisional Group on Experimental Physics Control Systems (EPCS) of EPS since 1996.
Member of the German physical society (DPG).
Member of the Society for computer science of Germany (GSI).
Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science (RAEN).
President of the german- russian Society for studies of the activities of german scientists and specialists in the USSR.
Awards of GDR and USSR

Main scientific works

Series of publications on the inelastic interaction of + - mesons with protons at 4 GeV/c with the Aachen-Berlin-Birmingham-Bonn-Hamburg-London-Munchen collaboration.
Series of publications in the field of image processing.
1981 - book: "Automatic image processing" (in german).
1988 - book: "Introduction to experiment automation" (in german).
Co- author of 5 patents in the field of image processing

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