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  CURRICULUM VITAE:  Nikolay  Nikolayevich  Karpenko
Deputy Chief Engineer of the Laboratory of Information Technologies, JINR
Engineering Technology Division (ETD),

Nikolay  Nikolayevich  Karpenko - Candidate of Physics and Mathematics
 Specialist in the field of modelling experiments, data acquisition and processing and system programming related to designing of software for electronic experiments

Birth-date and birth-place:   April, 4, 1947, Ukraine, Khmelnitskiy region, Jarmolinetsky province, settlement Slobodka
Education:  Graduated from Odessa State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, speciality - computing mathematics (1970).

Professional activities:
Senior laboratorian with higher education, researcher junior, researcher, senior researcher, leading researcher, assistant to the chief engineer, chief engineer.
1970 - beginning of work in LCTA JINR
November 1970 - November 1971 - service in the ranks of Soviet Аrmy (Navy)
After demobilization - work in LCTA.
1980 - PhD thesis "Data processing in some physical experiments at ITEP and JINR on installations with film-free coordinate detectors"
1989 - LCTA senior researcher
February 2006 - 2007 - Assistant to the chief engineer of the Laboratory of information technologies, JINR
Since 2007 - Chief Engineer LIT/JINR
Since 2016 - Deputy Chief Engineer LIT/JINR

Scientific interests:
In the last few years he took active part in the software development, methodical studies and analysis of experimental data received on installations EXCHARM (JINR), HERA-B (DESY, Hamburg), was engaged in the development and creation of a software complex of event modelling and reconstruction in frames of the project "Neutrino detector IHEP-JINR". World-level results have been received and published in leading physical journals

1999 - Research on the pair birth of Ф-мезонов by neutrons on Serpukhov accelerator
1999 - Measurement of the Transverse Polarization of L-hyperons in nc-Reactions in the EXCHARM Experiment
1999 - Spin Alignment of K*(892) Mesons Produced in Neutron-Carbon Interactions
2001 - Study the Track-Finding Efficiency of the OTR PC Chambers
2001 - System of experimental data processing on the basis of local LINUX-cluster and central robotized memory
2002 - Tracking performance of the HERA-B Outer Tracker PC chambers
2003 - Effects of Matching on Signals and Backgrounds
2007 - Measurement of the psi-prime to J/psi production ratio in 920-GeV proton-nucleus interactions
2007 - Reconstruction of trajectories of charged particles in "Neuterino Detector IHEP-JINR"
Author of more than 150 scientific publications

Prizes, awards:
1982, 1990 и 1999 - winner of JINR Prizes
1999 - awarded with the "Veteran of Atomic Engineering and Industry"

LIT repeatedly put him forward for the LIT Honour Roll.
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