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 CURRICULUM VITAE:  Vladimir Vasilievich Korenkov
Director of the Laboratory of Information Technologies

Vladimir Vasilievich Korenkov, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Institution, address: Laboratory of Information Technologies,

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141980 Dubna, Russia

Phone: (7 49621) 6-25-26

Fax: (7 49621) 6-51-45

E-mail: korenkov(at)

Born: 26 September, 1953 in the town of Tula, Russia

Education: (years, institutions, degrees, title of thesis)

1971-1976 - Moscow State University

Department of Computing Mathematics & Cybernetics

Specialization: Applied Mathematics

1985 - Candidate of Physics and Mathematics «Software for realization of a dialog for ES computers»

2013 - Doctor of Technical Sciences (“Methodology of Developing a Scientifi c Information-Computing Complex within the Global Grid Infrastructure”)

Professional career

1976 - 1982 - Engineer, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, LCTA
1982 - 1987 - Chief Engineer LCTA JINR
1987 - 1988 - Senior researcher LCTA JINR
1988 - 1989 - Acting Head of Sector LCTA JINR
1989 - 1992 - Head of Sector LCTA JINR
1992 - 1993 - Acting Deputy Director on scientific work LCTA JINR
1993 - 1999 - Deputy Director LCTA JINR
2000 - 2007 - Deputy Director of the LIT JINR
2007 - 2013 - Acting Deputy Director of the LIT JINR
From February 2013 - Director of the LIT JINR

Teaching activities:

1997 - 2000 - Lecturer Department of Automated Management Systems, International University «Dubna»
Since 1996 - Lecturer JINR University Centre
Since 2000 - Head of the Department «Distributed Informational - computational systems», International University «Dubna», Professor, Supervisor of 4 Candidates of Science, more than 70 magisterial and diploma works.

Scientifi corganizational activities:

Since 1993 - Chairman, co-chairman and member of organizing committees of international conferences and schools on information technologies
1994 – 2003 - Member of the Scientifi c and Technical Council of the National Network for computer telecommunications for science and higher school
1995 – 2005 - Member of the Council on high-performance computations at the Russian Academy of Sciences
2003 – 2007 - Member of the Dissertation Council of SRINP MSU
Since 2003 - Member of the Grid Deployment Board (GDB) of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) Project
Since 2004 - Member of the ICFA–SCIC (International Commit tee on Future Accelerators Standing Committee on Interregional Connectivity)

Research interests:
Computing & Networking, highperformance and distributed computing, parallel computations, visualization and multimedia systems, database applications.

Coordinator of WLCG Project at JINR; Member of CMS experiment; Coordinator of RDMS CMS Computing

Scientifi c publications:
Author of more than 250 papers

Prizes, awards:
1997 - Medal “In Memory of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow”,
1998 - Encouraging Prize of JINR for the work “JINR Local Area Network”,
2002 - Second Prize of JINR for the work“ Statistical Model of Information Traffic”,
2002 - Veteran of Atomic Engineering and Industry,
2006- Certifi cate of Honour of the Federal Agency of Science and Innovations,
2006 - Certifi cate of Honour of the Governor of Moscow Region,
2006 - Medal “Petro Mohyla” from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine,
2011 - Certifi cate of Honour of the Moscow Region Government,
2012 - Badge of Honour of the Mongolian Government “Leading Scientifi c Researcher”,
2012 - Letter of Appreciation of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Grants, federal contracts:
Since 1995 Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 19 grants (BAFIZ-96, BAFIZ-98, BAFIZ-2, CERN–RFBR, Ukraine–RFBR, etc.)
2001 – 2003 - European project EU DataGRID — coordinator from JINR
Since 2003 - WLCG — coordinator from JINR
2004 – 2010 - European project EGEE (Enabling GRID for E-sciencE) — coordinator from JINR
2005 – 2006 - Project of the Federal Agency of Science and Innovations of the Russian Federation “Development of a Prototype Centre of Basic Grid Service of New Generation for Intensive Operation with Distributed Data on a Federal Scale” — coordinator
2007 – 2010 - SKIF-GRID “The Development and Use of Hard and Software in Grid Technologies and Advanced Supercomputer Systems SKIF in 2007–2010“ — coordinator from JINR
2008 – 2010 - Project of the Federal Agency of Science and Innovations of the Russian Federation “Working out the Computing System for Development of the Grid Complex RuTier2/RDIG for Carrying out by the Russian Institutes the Distributed Data Analysis for the LHC Experiments as a Part of Global Grid System WLCG/EGEE” — coordinator
2008 – 2011 - “GridNNN — National Nanotechnological Network” — coordinator from JINR
Since 2010 - European project EGI-InSPARE (European Grid Initiative-Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastruc ture for Researchers in Europe) — coordinator from JINR and Russia
2011 – 2012 - Project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation “Model of a Shared Distributed System for Acquisition, Transfer and Processing of Very Large-Scale Data Volumes, Based on Grid Technologies, for the NICA Accelerator Complex” — coordinator
2011 – 2012 - Project “Russian Grid Network” — coordinator from JINR
Since 2011 Project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation «Creation of an Automated System of Data Processing for Experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) of Tier-1 Level and Maintenance of Grid Services for a Distributed Analysis of these Data» — coordinator from JINR

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