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  CURRICULUM VITAE:  Sanda-Anca Adam
Principal Scientist at the Laboratory of Information Technologies, JINR, Dubna

Sanda-Anca Adam - Doctor of Science. Physicist (computational and condensed matter theoretical physics).

Born:  July 11, 1945 in Bucharest ROMANIA
Citizenship: Romanian
Nationality: Romanian
Marital Status: Married, one son

Education:  Graduated from Bucharest University (1968).

Professional career:

Since 1968 - Scientific career at Bucharest.
1979-1983 - Scientist in the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR, Dubna
1996 Ц Principal Scientist at IFIN-HH, Department of Theoretical Physics, Bucharest.
1993-2002 Ц Stages of work at ICTP Trieste, DPMC Geneva University, BLTP JINR, Dubna
2004-2007 Ц Senior Scientist in Laboratory of Information Technologies of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna.
2008 - Leading Scientist in LIT JINR Dubna.
2009 - Deputy Director of the Laboratory of Information Technologies, JINR, Dubna.
Since March 2013 - Principal Scientist in LIT JINR, Dubna

Referee of the international scientific journal Thin Solid Films.

Research interests:

Condensed matter physics (magnetism and high Tc superconductivity), computational physics, pattern recognition in positron spectroscopy.
Priorities in crystal field and anisotropy property investigations of rare-earth intermetallics, the development of Bayesian quadrature methods, Fermi surface pattern recognition in 2D-ACAR spectroscopy.
Computer physics methods applied in the study of physical properties of transition metals, crystalline electric fields and giant anisotropy of intermetallic compounds, channeling of relativistic charged particles, high critical temperature superconductivity.
Assessment and optimization of the performance of multi-core computing facilities in LIT JINR and IFIN-HH Bucharest.

Author of more than 120 scientific papers.

Main results:

1968-1975 Ц Computer simulations of fast breeder reactors
1981 - Perturbative numerical estimates of the channeling radiation of relativistic charged particles
1977, 1981, 1985 - Crystal fields and magnetic anisotropy in rare earth intermetallics.
1993, 1995, 1999 -Fermi surface recognition in positron spectroscopy data on 123 high critical temperature superconductors (1993 - with M. Peter, 1995, 1999).
2003 - Exchange and spin fluctuation mechanisms of high Tc superconductivity (with N.M. Plakida).
2003, 2005, 2008 - Bayesian numerical quadrature.
2007, 2008 Ц Rigorous solution of the mean field Green functions of the two-band Hubbard model; Separation of the spin-charge correlations within the two-band Hubbard model.
2008 Ц Performance assessment and optimization of the SIMFAP and CICC clusters.

Awards, Prizes:

1975 -Laureate of the Prize of the Romanian Academy of Sciences (conferred once in the life).

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