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  CURRICULUM VITAE:  Petr  Valentinovich  Zrelov
Head of the Scientific Technical Division of Software and Information Support

Petr  Valentinovich  Zrelov - Candidate of Science in Physics and Mathematics
Physicist, specialist in statistical methods for experimental data processing and mathematical modeling of experiments

Born: 12 December 1959, in Vladimir

Education:  Graduated Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics (1983)

Professional career:

Researcher, Senior Researcher, Leading Researcher, Deputy Director, LIT
1993 - Candidate of Science in Physics and Mathematics
1995 - 2003 - Participation in the projects ESPRIT "Computational Tools and Industrial Applications of Complexity", Ispra "International Traffic Study" and "IMCOMP"
Involved in the investigation of the stock market behavior in collaboration with Luxemburg University and Solvay Institutes for Physics and Chemistry, Brussels
One of the authors of the "Dubna-GRID" project that is part of the Program of the City of Science and aimed at integration of computing and information resources of Dubna on the basis of metacluster and Grid technologies
Winner of JINR Prizes for 1997 and 2002
Author and co-author of more than 70 publications

Research interests:
Applied mathematical statistics, advanced methods for analysis and data processing; artificial neural networks; modeling of physical experiments
Member of international projects, including the DIRAC experiment on dimesoatom life-time measurements at the PS accelerator at CERN and scientific applied projects of European Commission (research and elaboration on the models of information flows and information network protection, development new mathematical methods for analysis of electrocardiograms and mathematical models of stock markets)

1992 - Nonparametric integral statistics and their properties.
2004 - Statistical model of information traffic.
2004- On the log-normal law of the stock market data.

Awards, Prizes:
First prize of JINR in 1997 - "Artificial Neural Networks and Cellular Automata in Experimental Physics",
Second prize of JINR in 2002 - "Statistical molel of Information Traffic",
2006 - Certificate of Honour of the Governor of Moscow region.

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