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  LIT papers: "Particles and Nuclei, Letters" (2008)

1.  S. R. Gevorkyan, D. T. Madigozhin, A. V. Tarasov, O. O. Voskresenskaya
Electromagnetic Effects and Scattering Lengths Extraction from Experimental Data on K 3p Decays (english)
Т.5, N2(144). C.156-160

2.  E. P. Akishina, T. P. Akishina, V. V. Ivanov, A. I. Maevskaya, O. Yu. Denisova
Electron/Pion Identification in the CBM TRD Applying a wkn Goodness-of-Fit Criterion (english)
Т.5, N2(144). C. 202-218

3.  A. A. Suzko, G. Giorgadze
Time-Dependent Exactly Solvable Models for Quantum Computing (eng)
Т.5, N3(145). P. 283-288

4.  E. B. Laneev, M. N. Mouratov, E. P. Zhidkov
Discretization and Its Proof for Numerical Solution of a Cauchy Problem for Laplace Equation with Inaccurately Given Cauchy Conditions on an Inaccurately Defined Arbitrary Surface (eng)
Т.5, N3(145). P. 294-299

5.  G. Ososkov
Contemporary Methods of Data Processing in Experimental Physics (eng)
Т.5, N3(145). P. 310-320

6.  E. B. Dushanov
Properties of Generalized Matrix Sequence (eng)
Т.5, N3(145). P. 321-327

7.  V. P. Gerdt
Grobner Bases Applied to Systems of Linear Difference Equations (eng)
Т.5, N3(145). P. 425-436

8.  S. Adam, Gh. Adam
Mean-Field Solutions to Singlet Hopping and Superconducting Pairing within a Two-Band Hubbard Model (eng)
Т.5, N3(145). P. 450-457

9.  S. Adam, Gh. Adam
The Boundary Layer Problem in Bayesian Adaptive Quadrature (eng)
Т.5, N3(145). P. 458-465

10. E. Pavlusova, M. Pavlus, I. Sarhadov, I. V. Amirkhanov, T. P. Puzynina, I. V. Puzynin
A Numerical Method for Determination of Moisture Transfer Coefficient According to the Diffusion Moisture Profiles (eng)
Т.5, N3(145). P. 479-484

11. B. F. Kostenko, J. Pribis
Theoretical Evidences for Superheating during Track Formation in High-Tc Superconductors (eng)
Т.5, N3(145). P. 514-521

12.  N. D. Dikoussar
Four-Point Transformation Methods in Approximation and the Smoothing Problems (eng)
Т.5, N3(145). P. 534-543

13.  N. D. Dikoussar, Cs.Torok
Four-Point Transformation Methods in Approximation and the Smoothing Problems (eng)
Т.5, N3(145). P. 544-548

14.  M. Timko, P. Kopcansky, M. Repasan, M. Koneracka, M. Hnatic, A. Dzarova, J. Stelina, C. Musil, E. Ayrjan
Structuralization Induced by Photothermal Effect in Magnetic Fluid Film (eng)
Т.5, N3(145). P. 588-564

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