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  LIT papers: "Particles and Nuclei, Letters" (2009)

1.  T. P. Akishina, O. Yu. Denisova, V. V. Ivanov, S. A. Lebedev
On the e/p Identification Applying the CBM TRD: Comparison of Measurements with the TRD Prototype and GEANT3 Simulation at p = 1.5 GeV/c (eng)
Т.6, N2(151). p.245-259

2.  S. A. Lebedev, G. A. Ososkov
Fast Algorithms for Ring Recognition and Electron Indentification in the RICH Detector of the CBM Experiment (rus)
Т.6, N2(151). p. 260-284

3.  E. P. Zhidkov, R. V. Poljakova, I. G. Voloshina, E. E. Perepelkin, N. S. Rossiyskaya, T. V. Shavrina, I. P. Yudin
Computer Simulation of Spectrometer Magnets for Some Experimental Installations (eng)
Т.6, N2(151). p. 285-289

4. E. Dushanov, Kh. Kholmurodov, G. Aru, V. Korenkov, W. Smith, Y. Ohno, T. Narumi, G. Morimoto, M. Taiji, K. Yasuoka
JINR CICC in Computational Chemistry and Nanotechnology Problems: DL_POLY Performance for Different Communication Architectures (eng)
Т.6, N3(152). p. 407-417

5.  N. I. Bazaleev, B. B. Banduryan, T. I. Ivankina, V. F. Klepikov, V. V. Lytvynenko, Ju. F. Lonin, A. N. Nikitin, A. G. Ponomarev, V. N. Robuk, V. V. Uvarov, V. T. Uvarov
The Modeling of Radiation Induced Transformations in Rocks as Potential Media for the Radioactive Waste Disposal (rus)
Т.6, N5(154). p. 684-693

6.  I. V. Amirkhanov, G. A. Karamysheva, I. N. Kiyan, J. Sulikowski
Modeling of Required Operation Modes and Analysis of Their Stability for Multipurpose Isochronous Cyclotrons (rus)
Т.6, N6(155). p. 805-813

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