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  LIT papers: "Particles and Nuclei, Letters" (2010)

1.  O. A. Zaimidoroga, O. I. Streltsova, K. A. Fomenko
Modeling of the Propagation of Electromagnetic Pulses in Binary Scintillator Media (rus)
.7, N2(158). p. 232-241

2. A. Lebedev, C. Hohne, I. Kisel, G. Ososkov (for the CBM Collaboration)
Fast Parallel Tracking Algorithm for the Muon Detector of the CBM Experiment at FAIR (english)
.7, N4(160). p. 473-482

3. I. A. Golutvin, A. Yu. Kamenev, V. Yu. Karjavin, M. A. Makankin, P. V. Moissenz, V. V. Palichik, V. V. Perelygin, S. E. Vassiliev, A. V. Zarubin, V. A. Tchekhovski
The Spatial Resolution of the CMS ME1/1 Muon Station Cathode Strip Chambers with CRAFT08 Data (english)
.7, N5(161). p. 581-586

4. V. B. Zlokazov, Yu. S. Tsyganov
Half-Life Estimation under Indefinite "Mother-Daughter" Relation (rus)
.7, N6(162). p. 658-666

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