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  LIT papers: "Particles and Nuclei, Letters" (2012)

1. Friesen A.V., Kalinovsky Yu.L., Toneev V.D.
Decay of a Scalar σ Meson near the Critical End Point in the PNJL Model (eng)
T. 9, 1(171). p. 8-17

2. Blaschke D.B., Grigorian H., Kalinovsky Yu.L.
Meson Form-Factor Scheme for the Chiral Lagrangian Approach to  J/y  Breakup Cross Sections Motivated by a Relativistic Quark Model (eng)
T. 9, 1(1171). p. 18-34

3. Dikusar N.D., Myalkovskiy V.V., Nazieva E.A., Peshekhonov V.D.
The Spatial Resolution of Two-Layer Coordinate Detectors Based on Thin-Walled Drift Tubes (rus)
T. 9, 1(171). p. 88-93

4. Amirhanov I.V., Karamysheva G.A., Kiyan I.N., Sulikowski J.
The Optimization of Parameters of the Magnetic System of the Multi-Purpose Isochronous Cyclotron AIC-144 (rus)
T. 9, 2(172). p. 235-246

5. Akishina T.P.
Features of Application of the nk Criterion for Electron Identification Problem Based on the Transition Radiation Detector in the CBM Experiment (rus)
T. 9, 3(173). p. 440-462

6. Amirhanov I.V., Karamysheva G.A., Kiyan I.N., Sulikowski J.
The Mathematical Modeling of Main Operation Mode of AIC-144 Multi-Purpose Isochronous Cyclotron (rus)
T. 9, 4-5(174-175). p. 647-653

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