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June 28, 2018, at 11.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

   R.M. Yamaleev: "Representation of solutions of the Riccati-type equations by operators of divided differences calculus."
The results of action of the operator of divided differences on entire functions are expressed by special type of matrices: Pascal matrix, companion matrix and matrices of a triangle form. More... ( PDF)

June 07, 2018, at 11.30  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

   1. N.V. Korepanova, N.D. Dikusar, Y.N. Pepelyshev, M. Dima: " Using the Mean-Square Piecewise Approximation for Neutron Noise Analysis in the IBR-2M Reactor"
(Report to the conference)
The full range of noise energy pulses reaches ± 22% under normal conditions of operation of the IBR-2M reactor (JINR-Dubna). Therefore, slow changes in average power, caused, for example, by the movement of regulatory bodies, "drown" in the noises. More... ( PDF)

2. A.D. Kovalenko, E.E Perepelkin, A.A Tarelkin, R.V.Polyakova: "Numerical Simulations of the SPD NICA Setup"
A review of magnetic system calculations for the SPD setup is given. Three basic model classes are considered: solenoidal, toroidal and hybrid. More... ( PDF)

May 31, 2018, at 15.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

   1. E. S. Oplachko (IMPB RAS - branch of M. V. Keldysh IPM, RAS): "Development of remote data processing and methods of analysis of encephalography using cloud computing"
(based on materials of a PhD thesis)
The software for the analysis of experimental data of encephalography, which does not require installation on the user's computer and additional licensing, has been created. More... ( PDF )

2. Miroslav Svitek (Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transport Sciences): "Information-computational support for modeling of complex heterogeneous systems using using wave probability functions"
(based on materials of a doctor’s thesis)
Mathematical models of complex systems based on the use of wave probability functions. More... ( PDF )

May 21, 2018, at 14.00  ( LIT Conference Hall ) the seminar LIT will be held:

    Состоится юбилейный семинар, посвященный 70-летию со дня рождения В.В. Иванова

1. 14.00 Торжественная часть
Выступления коллег и друзей.

2. 15.00 Научный семинар

Иванов В.В., "70 лет: это много или мало?".
Крянев А.В., "Новые методы анализа функциональных зависимостей и временных процессов",
Полозов Р.В., "Экспрессия генов и компьютерная математика: краткие заметки"
Дереновская О.Ю., "На пути к созданию J/ψ→e+e- триггера в эксперименте СВМ"
Осетров Е.С., "Математические модели, методы и алгоритмы для прогнозирования пассажирских перевозок"

May 21, 2018, at 11.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

   20-th International Workshop on Computer Algebra will be held at the Laboratory of Information Technologies (LIT) of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) on 21 – 22 May 2018 in Dubna.
The workshop is dedicated to the memory of Vitaly Rostovtseva

May 18, 2018, at 11.00  ( LIT, r.310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

   Soloviev A.G., Solovjeva T.M.: "Application of parallelization methods implemented in the ROOT package, at software development for processing experimental data on modern computing architectures with a heterogeneous structure"
The questions of efficiency of application of various techniques of parallelization of the programs realized in a package ROOT are considered.  More... ( PDF)

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