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Archive of LIT Seminars (2008)
December 25, 2008, at 11.00,  ( LIT, r. 310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:

   O.V. Tarasov:  "New approaches to analytic evaluation of Feynman integrals"
  A review of new methods for analytic computation of Feynman integrals will be presented. The methods are based on generalized recurrence relations and Gruebner bases. New type of relationships connecting Feynman integrals with different kinematical variables is found. It is shown that these relationships allow one to express integrals depending on several variables as combinations of integrals with a lesser number of variables and therefore significantly simplifying analytic evaluation of these integrals. For example, propagator integrals depending on three arguments can be expressed as a sum of integrals depending on two arguments. Vertex type integrals depending on six variables can be represented as a sum of integrals depending on three variables. It is shown that these functional relationships can be used for analytic continuation of Feynman integrals to different kinematical domains.

December 24, 2008, at 11.00,  ( LIT, r. 310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:
   Saha Bijan:  "Nonlinear Spinor fields in anisotropic cosmologies"
(Materials of Doctoral Thesis)
November 28, 2008, at 11.00,  ( LIT, r. 310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:
   O. Chuluunbaatar:  "Variation - iteration and evolution methods for research in small-particle quantum systems"
(materials of dissertation for Doctor of Science degree)
November 24, 2008, at 15.00,  ( LIT conference hall ) the seminar LIT will be held:
   "Presentation of industry solutions of Autodesk.  Examples of introduction"
Programme:  PDF format
November 27, 2008, at 11.00,  ( LIT, r. 310 ) the seminar LIT will be held:
   N.G. Mazny:  "Use of the finite automata method for development of software for automation of experiments in low energy physics"
(Materials of a PhD thesis)
November 20, 2008, at 15.00  ( LIT, r. 310 ) the seminar LIT will held:

   Dan Gurban  (IFIN-HH Romania):  "High sensitivity analysis of trace elements from particle-induced X-ray emission (PIXE)"
   Particle-induced X-ray emission is a technique used in the determination of the elemental concentration inside samples. PIXE is a nondestructive method capable of analyzing many elements simultaneously at concentrations of parts per million in samples as small as nanograms. We used a small Van de Graff machine to accelerate the protons at 3 MeV, and a GeHp detector with energy resolution 180 eV at 5.9 keV.
We plan to replace the protons in the PIXE experiment with heavy ions. This raises several question marks concerning the method of data analysis.

November 12, 2008, at 15.00  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will
   E.G. Nikonov and A.B. FLORKO:  "Increase in the fault-tolerancy of multi-stage event-controlled systems of monitoring and processing data of physical experiment"
November 6, 2008, at 15.00  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will

   N.V. Makhaldiani:  "Renormdynamics and Scaling Functions"
   For Quantum field theory models, renormdynamic equations of motion for observable quantities and their solution are given. Universal scaling functions of multi-particle production in High energy physics are considered. An explicit form of the KNO scaling function is constructed.

October 3, 2008, at 11.00,  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will be held:
   P.G. Akishin, A.A. SAPOZHNIKOV (JINR), E. Fischer, P. Schnizer (GSI, Darmstadt):  "Automatic generator of spatial nets"
September 25, 2008, at 15.00,  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will be held:

 1. I.V. Amirkhanov, E.V. Zemlyanaya, V.D. Lakhno, D.Z. MUZAFAROV, I.V. Puzynin, T.P. Puzynina, Z.A. Sharipov:  "Numerical investigation of the dynamics of polaron states"
 2. I.V. Amirkhanov, I.V. Puzynin, T.P. Puzynina, Z.A. SHARIPOV, D.Z. Muzafarov:  "Mathematical modeling of thermal processes in materials irradiated by high-energy heavy ions"

September 12, 2008, at 15.00  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will be held:
   Marian Slodicka (Ghent University, Department of Mathematical Analysis, Research Group for Numerical Functional Analysis and Mathematical Modeling):   "Boundary data completion in eddy-current modeling"
September 11, 2008, at 15.00  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will be held:
   Prof. S.Budnyam (Mongolia State University):  "Mathematical simulation of the development of information community"
August 27, 2008, at 11.00  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will be held:

 1. N. Dikoussar: "Coordinate representation of the polynomial model in the regression problems"
 2. A. Matejcikova, Cs. TOROK: "Piecewise smoothing with two-part polynomial models"

June 19, 2008, at 15.00  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will be held:

  O.I.Yuldashev, M.B.Yuldasheva: :  "J3D finite elements with harmonic basis functions for approximations of high order"
   It is known that the finite elements are used for interpolations, integrations and solving the boundary value problems by means of projective numerical methods. The most wide-spread finite elements are defined as a cell with basis functions. In the paper for such cells as tetrahedron, cube, rectangular prism etc., the methods of production of harmonic basis functions with approximation of high order have been developed. In particular, the recursion relations for calculation of basis functions and the algorithm of their production are presented. The conditions on transformations of coordinates preserving the harmonicity property of basis functions are also regarded. The distinctive peculiarity of obtained finite elements is absence of inner nodes and possibility of adaptive condensation of nodes on the cell boundary. For tetrahedrons and rectangular prisms the constructed basis functions approximate the harmonic polynomials of second, third, fourth and fifth orders exactly. In the paper the examples of hp-interpolation of dipole magnetic fields with high accuracy are given. The approximations obtained as a result of the interpolation satisfy the vector Laplacian with computer accuracy. To construct the approximations the number of required nodes is less in comparison with usual Lagrange finite elements.

June 17, 2008, at 15.00  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will be held:

  This report compares the performance of the DL_POLY general-purpose molecular dynamics simulation package of the LIT JINR computing cluster CICC for various communication systems. The comparison of DL_POLY code involves two type cluster architectures on the basis of Gigabit Ethernet and InfiniBand technologies. Also bring the comparative data with clusters of particularized computer center RIKEN. The DL_POLY benchmark covers a set of typical molecular dynamics calculations detailed below.

May 22, 2008, at 15.00  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will be held:

  Bijan Saha:  "Early inflation, isotropization and late-time acceleration of a Bianchi type-I universe"
 We solve the Einstein equations for Bianchi type-I metric describing a homogeneous and anisotropic Universe. The differential equations in question are nonlinear second order equations and depend on time only. The method of solution is given and formulas for general solutions are obtained. The formulas are calculated analytically for some partial cases. In general case possible types of solutions are illustrated by means of numerical integration.

April 24, 2008, at 14.00  (LIT conference hall) the seminar LIT will be held:
Юбилейный семинар Игоря Викторовича Пузынина  (Russian - PDF format)

1.  В.В. Иванов - Открытие
2.  Выступления гостей
3.  Научные доклады:
    Т. Жанлав - "Интегрокубические сплайны и их свойства"
    В.С. Мележик - "Квантовая задача двух тел во внешнем поле без разделения переменных"
    И. Сархадов - "О работах в области численных исследований взаимодействия тяжелых ионов с материалами"

April 11, 2008, at 15.00  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will be held:

  T. Zhanlav (National University of Mongolia, Mongolia),   R. Mijiddorj (Mongolian State University of Education, Mongolia),  O. Chuluunbaatar:  "The continuous analog of Newton's method for solving eigenvalues and eigenvectors of parametric matrices"

February 5, 2008, at 15.00  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will be held:

  S.N. DIMOVA, T.L. Boyadjiev, I.G. Hristov:  "Numerical investigation of magnetic flux static distributions in multilayered Josephson junctions"

January 31, 2008, at 15.00  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will be held:

  E.V. Bespalko, S.A. Mikheev, A.M. Reznikov, V.P. TSVETKOV  (Tver state university), I.V. Puzynin:  "Bifurcations of rapidly rotating magnetized newtonian politrops with a small index"

January 24, 2008, at 15.00  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will be held:

  I.L. Bogolubsky:  "Simulation of cosmic strings"
 Main approaches to cosmic strings simulation are discussed (based on talks presented at the workshop "Strings and superstrings in observational cosmology", Paris, December 10-13, 2007)

January 15, 2008, at 15.00  (LIT, r. 310) the seminar LIT will be held:

 1. A.V. Uzhinsky:  "FTS monitoring system and statistical analysis of the most wide-spread errors arising at data transfer in DataGrid of the EGEE Project"
  2. A.V. Nechayevsky:  "DataGrid simulation. OptorSim and GridSim simulation packages"

Archive of LIT Seminars (2007)
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