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Themes & Projects

Participation of LIT employees in themes and projects of JINR
  • Theoretical Physics (01)

    Theory of Fundamental Interactions
    Theme: 01-3-1113-2014/2018
    Leaders: D.I. Kazakov, O.V. Teryaev, A.B. Arbuzov
    Activity or experiment:
    1.  Standard Model and its extension - main researcher - V.P. Gerdt
    2.  Hadron Matter under extreme conditions - main researchers - A.S. Ayriyan, H. Grigorian, Yu.L. Kalinovsky, Zh.Zh. Musulmanbekov, V. Voronyuk

    Theory of Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions
    Theme: 01-3-1114-2014/2018
    Leaders: V.V. Voronov, A.I. Vdovin, N.V. Antonenko
    Activity or experiment:
    1.  Nuclear properties at the border of stability - main researchers - N.Yu. Shirikova, I.V. Molodtsova .
    2.  Processes with nuclei at relativistic energies and extreme states of matter - main researchers - E.B. Zemlianaya, K.V. Lukyanov

    Theory of Condensed Matter
    Theme: 01-3-1115-2014/2018
    Leaders: V.A. Osipov., A.M. Povolotskii
    Activity or experiment::
    1.  Complex materials and nanostructures - main researchers - E.B. Zemlianaya, I. Sarhadov, S.I. Serdyukova, L.A. Syurakshina
    2.  Contemporary problems of statistical physics - main researcher - E.P. Yukalova

    Modern Mathematical Physics: Strings and Gravity, Supersymmetry, Integrability
    Theme: 01-3-1116-2014/2018
    Leaders: A.P. Isaev, A.S. Sorin
    Activity or experiment:
    1.. Quantum gravity, cosmology and strings - main researchers - L. Bogoliubsky, A.M. Chervyakov

    Dubna International Advanced School of Theoretical Physics (DIAS-TH)
    Theme: 01-3-1117-2014/2018
    Leaders: A.S. Sorin, V.V. Voronov
    Activity or experiment:
    1. DIAS-TH - main researcher - V.V. Korenkov

  •   Elementary Particle Physics and Relativistic Nuclear Physics (02)

    JINR's Participation at the BES-III Physics Research Program
    : 02-2-1123-2015/2019
    Leader: A.S. Zhemchugov
    Activity or Experiment:
    1. BES-III Project - main researchers - V.V. Korenkov, A.V. Uzhinsky, S.D. Belov, I.S. Pelevanyuk, V.V. Trofimov, O.I. Streltsova, D.V. Podgainy

    A T L A S: Physics Research at the LHC
    Theme: 02-0-1081-2009/2019
    Leaders: V.A. Bednyakov
    Activity or experiment:
    1. Experiment ATLAS - main researchers - V.V. Korenkov, P.V. Zrelov., I.N. Aleksandrov, N.I. Gromova, A.V. Yakovlev, V.N. Shigaev, M.A Mineev, D.A. Oleynik, A.S. Petrosyan

    Search for New Physics in Experiments with the Fermilab High-Intensity Muon Beams
    Theme: 02-2-1124-2015/2017
    Leaders: V.V. Glagolev
    Activity or experiment:
    1. Experiment Mu2e - V.V. Korenkov, V.V. Uzhinsky

    Study of Neutrino Oscillations
    Theme: 02-2-1099-2010/2018
    Leaders: D.V. Naumov, A.G. Olshevskiy
    Activity or experiment:
    1. NOvA Project - main researchers - V.V. Korenkov, N.A.Balashov, A.V. Baranov
    2. Experiment OPERA - main researcher - G.A. Ososkov

    Experiment PANDA at FAIR
    Theme: 02-0-1108-2011/2017
    Leader: G.D. Alexeev
    Activity or experiment:
    1. PANDA Project - main researchers - Gh. Adam, V.V. Uzhinsky

    Astrophysical Studies in the Experiment TAIGA
    Theme: 02-2-1125-2015/2017
    Leader: L.G. Tkatchev
    Activity or experiment:
    1. Experiment TAIGA - main researcher - S.K. Slepnev
    2. Experiment NUCLEON - main researchers - V.N. Shigaev, S.K. Slepnev

    Investigations of Compressed Baryonic Matter at the GSI Accelerator Complex
    Theme: 02-1-1106-2011/2019
    Leaders: A.I. Malakhov, V.V. Ivanov
    Activity or experiment:
    1. CBM Project Design and manufacture of the superconducting dipole magnet, and straw detectors. Develoment of the algorithms and software for trigger, simulation and data analysis - main researchers - V.V. Ivanov, P.V. Zrelov, P.G. Akishin, E.P. Akishina, E.I. Alexandrov, I.N. Alexandrov, D.V. Belyakov, O.Yu. Derenovskaya, V.V. Ivanov (jr), P.I. Kisel, G.E. Kozlov, A.V. Kryanev, S.A. Lebedev, G.A. Ososkov, A.M. Raportirenko, T.P. Sapozhnikova, I.A. Filozova
    2. Experiment HADES - main researchers - V.V. Ivanov, S.A. Lebedev

    CMS. Compact Muon Solenoid at the LHC
    Theme: 02-0-1083-2009/2019
    Leader: A.V. Zarubin
    Activity or experiment:
    1. Forward calorimetry- main researcher - A. Khvedelidze
    2. Forward muon station ME1/1 - main researchers - V.V. Palchik, N.N. Voytishin
    3. Upgrade of the CMS detectors - main researcher - V.V. Palchik, N.N. Voytishin
    4. Reserch physics programme with the CMS Detector - main researchers - V.V. Korenkov, D.A. Oleynik, G.A. Ososkov, V.V. Palchik, A.Sh. Petrosyan, N.N. Voytishin
    5. Development of software for distributed computation, data processing and analysis based on GRID-technology - main researchers - A.O. Golunov, V.V. Mitsyn, V.V. Palchik, R.N. Semenov, E.A. Tikhonenko, I.A. Filozova, N.N. Voytishin

    Studies of the Nucleon and Hadron Structure at CERN
    Theme: 02-0-1085-2009/2019
    Leader: A.P. Nagaytsev
    Activity or experiment:
    1. Software development. Data analysis - main researcher - P.V. Zrelov

    Development of the JINR Basic Facility for Generation of Intense Heavy Ion and Polarized Nuclear Beams Aimed at Searching for the Mixed Phase of Nuclear Matter and Investigation of Polarization Phenomena at the Collision Energies up to  sqrt = 11 /
    Theme: 02-0-1065-2007/2019
    Leaders: A.S. Sorin, V.D. Kekelidze, G.V. Trubnikov
    Activity or experiment:
    1. Theoretical investigations, lattice QCD calculations and development of the models for description of properties of excited nuclear matter at high temperatures and compressions, dynamics of nuclear interactions at extremely dense baryon matter, spin and P-odd effects - main researchers - Yu.L. Kalinovsky, Zh. Musulmanbekov, E.G. Nikonov
    2. Design and construction of the MPD detector. Preparation of the Technical Design Project. R&D and construction of the first-stage detector elements: time-projection chamber, time-of-flight system, electromagnetic calorimeter, zero-degree calorimeter, internal tracker. System of luminosity control - main researchers - V.V. Ivanov, P.G. Akishin, P.I. Kisel, O.Yu. Derenovskaya, Zh.Zh. Musulmanbekov, A.M. Raportirenko, P.V. Zrelov
    3. Preparation of the physical program and SPD detector project for studying of the spin effects at NICA complex - main researchers - T.A. Strizh, V.V. Palchik
    4. Development of computer infrastructure for NICA complex - main researchers - D.V. Kekelidze, V.V. Korenkov, M.S. Plyashkevich
    5. Works on realization of the experiment Baryonic matter at Nuclotron (BM@N) - main researchers - D.A. Baranov, N. Voytishin, G.J. Musulmanbekov, V.V. Palchik

    Study of Polarization Phenomena and Spin Effects at the JINR Nuclotron-M Facility
    Theme: 02-1-1097-2010/2018
    Leader: A.D. Kovalenko
    Activity or experiment:
    1. Works on the development: of spin physics research infrastructure at the Nuclotron and other facilities - main researcher - R.V. Polyakova
    2. Development of the Delta-Sigma program for future experiments at setup BM@N - main researcher - R.V. Polyakova

    Investigation of the Properties of Nuclear Matter and Particle Structure at the Collider of Relativistic Nuclei and Polarized Protons
    Theme: 02-0-1066-2007/2020
    Leaders: R. Lednicky, Yu.A. Panebratsev
    Activity or experiment:
    1. The study of polarized proton collisions with nuclei at 200 GeV - main researcher - Zh.Zh. Musulmanbekov
    2. The study of event structure, collective effects, femtoscopic correlations and high P T processes - main researcher - G.A. Ososkov
    3. Participation in the heavy ion program in STAR experiment at RHIC. Beam-energy scan - main researchers - V.V. Korenkov, G.A. Ososkov, V.V. Mitsyn
    4. Development of the software and formation of the infrastructure for the STAR data processing at JINR - main researchers - V.V. Korenkov, N. Balashov, G.A. Ososkov, V.V. Mitsyn, T.A. Strizh

    ALICE: Study of Interactions of Heavy Ion and Proton Beams at the LHC
    Theme: 02-1-1088-2009/2019
    Leader: A.S. Vodopyanov
    Activity or experiment:
    1. Physical process simulation and data analysis - main researcher - R.M. Yamaleev
    2. ALICE. Computing in the distributed environment- GRID - main researcher - V.V. Mitsyn

  • Nuclear Physics (03)

    Development of the FLNR Accelerator Complex and Experimental Setups (DRIBS-III)
    Theme: 03-0-1129-2017/2021
    Leaders: G.G. Gulbekyan, S.N. Dmitriev, M.G. Itkis
    Activity or experiment:
    1.  Development of the U-400M and U-400R complexes - main researchers - V.V. Korenkov, A.M. Chervyakov, P.G. Akishin, E.A. Airian

    Synthesis and Properties of Superheavy Elements, Structure of Nuclei at the Limits of Nucleon Stability
    Theme: 03-5-1130-2017/2021
    Leader: M.G. Itkis
    Activity or experiment:
    1.  Development and update of the network knowledge base on nuclear physics - main researchers - V.V. Korenkov, P.V. Zrelov, E.I. Alexandov

    Physics of Light Mesons
    Theme: 03-2-1101-2010/2017
    Leaders: A.V. Kulikov
    Activity or experiment:
    1.  Experiment COMET - main researchers - A. Khvedelidze, G. Adamov
    2.  Experiment PAINUC - main researcher - V.V. Ivanov

    Improvement of the JINR Phasotron and Design of Cyclotrons for Fundamental and Applied Research
    Theme: 03-2-1102-2010/2018
    Leaders: G.A. Karamysheva, S.L. Yakovenko
    Activity or experiment:
    1.  Design and modernization of the cyclotrons for medical purpose - main researcher - I.V. Amirkhanov
    2.  Research and development of the superconducting cyclotron for proton therapy for IPP CAS, Hefei, China- main researchers - I.V. Amirhanov, T.V. Karamysheva

  • Condensed Matter Physics, Radiation and Radiobiological Research (04)

    Investigations of Condensed Matter by Modern Neutron Scattering Methods
    Theme: 04-4-1121-2015/2017
    Leaders: D.P. Kozlenko, V.L. Aksenov, A.M. Balagurov
    Activity or experiment:
    1.  Study of supramolecular structure and functional characteristics of biological materials - main researchers - D.V. Solovyev, T.V. Solovyeva
    2.  Study of structure and properties of lipid membranes and lipid complexes - main researchers - E.V. Zemlyanaya, E.I.Zhabitskaya

    Development of Experimental Facilities for Condensed Matter Investigations with Beams of the IBR-2 Facility
    Theme: 04-4-1122-2015/2017
    Leaders: S.A. Kulikov, V.I. Prikhodko
    Activity or experiment:
    1.  Creation of a cloud polygon eutron physics" in cooperation with LIT; carrying out computations using IaaS and SaaS services. Development of FLNP network infrastructure in accordance with the development strategy of the JINR computer network - main researchers - V.V. Korenkov + 2 engineers

    Radiation Physics, Radiochemistry, and Nanotechnology Investigations Using Beams of Accelerated Heavy Ions
    Theme: 04-5-1131-2017/2021
    Leaders: S.N. Dmitriev, P.Yu. Apel
    Activity or experiment:
    1.  Investigations of radiation damages in solids and formation of nanostructures - main researcher - .V.N. Trofimov

  • Networking, Computing, Computational Physics (05)

    Information and Computing Infrastructure of JINR
    Theme: 05-6-1118-2014/2019
    Leader: V.V. Korenkov
    Deputy: T.A. Strizh
    Activity or experiment:
    1.  MICC Project - main researchers - V.V. Korenkov, A.G. Dolbilov, V.V. Mitsyn, T.A. Strizh, G. Adam, G. Adamov, Eu.I. Aleksandrov, I.N. Aleksandrov, K.N. Angelov, N.S. Astakhov, A.S. Baginyan, A.I. Balandin, N.A. Balashov, A.V. Baranov, S.D. Belov, D.V. Belyakov, A.S. Bondyakov, A.I. Churin, S.V. Chashchin, S.V. Gavrilov, A.P. Gavrish, V.V. Galaktionov, T.M. Goloskokova, A.O. Golunov, Eu.A. Grafov, N.I. Gromova, A.E. Gushchin, I.S. Kadochnikov, A.S. Kamensky, V.A. Kapitonov, I.A. Kashunin, A.O. Kondratiev, G.A. Korobova, E.Yu. Kulpin, N.A. Kutovskiy, A.A. Lavrentiev, S.B. Marchenko, M.A. Matveev, S.V. Mitsyn, A.V. Nechaevsky, D.A. Oleynik, G.A. Ososkov, I.S. Pelevanyuk, A.Sh. Petrosyan, M.S. Plyashkevich, D.V. Podgainy, L.A. Popov, D.I. Pryakhina, Ya.I. Rozenberg, T.F. Sapozhnikova, R.N. Semenov, M.L. Shishmakov, O.I. Streltsova, E.A. Tikhonenko, V.V. Trofimov, N.N. Voitishin, A.S. Vorontsov, A.V. Uzhinskiy, A.Yu. Zakomoldin, V.E. Zhiltsov, .V. Zrelov, M.I. Zuev
    2.  Information and software support of the research-and-production activity at JINR - main researchers - P.V. Zrelov, V.V. Korenkov, I.A. Filozova, T.O. Ablyazimov, N.A. Balashov, A.V. Baranov, D.V. Belyakov, A.A. Bogolubskaya, N.A. Davyudova, S.V. Duchits, V.P. Gerdt, T.M. Goloskokova, D.S. Golub, N.V. Jerusalimova, L.A. Kalmykova, A.A. Karlov, D.V. Kekelidze, S.A. Kretova, S.V. Kunyaev, G.A. Kurmaeva, N.A. Kutovskiy, A.A. Kutovskaya, L.A. Lukstinia, O.G. Melnikova, G.G. Musulmanbekov, S.A. Nechitailo, E.A. Paschenko, V.V. Pervushov, M.S. Plyashkevich, E.Yu. Polyakova, L.V. Popkova, A.V. Prikhodko, V.M. Pushkina, A.M. Raportirenko, A.P. Sapozhnikov, T.F. Sapozhnikova, S.V. Semashko, R.N. Semenov, A.V. Sheyko, G.V. Shestakova, D.B. Stankus, V.A. Stepanenko, T.S. Syresina, N.N. Vorobieva, V.M. Yagafarova, A.G. Zaikina, T.N. Zaikina
    3.  Development of a system of training and advanced training of IT professionals based on educational and research infrastructure and creation of an information system to provide assistance to users (Helpdesk) - main researchers - V.V. Korenkov, T.A. Strizh, O.I. Streltsova, N.A. Balashov, A.V. Baranov, S.D. Belov, V.V. Galaktionov, T.M. Goloskokova, N.I. Gromova, I.S. Kadochnikov, D.V. Kekelidze, N.A. Kutovskiy, V.V. Mitsyn, S.V. Mitsyn, I.K. Nekrasova, A.V. Nechaevsky, D.A. Oleynik, A.Sh. Petrosyan, D.V. Podgainy, T.F. Sapozhnikova, R.N. Semenov, V.V. Trofimov, A.V. Uzhinskiy, V.E. Zhiltsov, M.I. Zuev

    Methods, Algorithms and Software for Modeling Physical Systems, Mathematical Processing and Analysis of Experimental Data
    Theme: 05-6-1119-2014/2019
    Leaders: Gh. Adam, P.V. Zrelov
    Activity or experiment:
    1.  Mathematical and computation methods for simulation of complex physical systems - main researchers - Gh. Adam, I.V. Puzynin, S. Adam, P.G. Akishin, I.V. Amirkhanov, E.A. Ayrjan, A.S. yriyan, I.V. Barashenkov, M.V. Bashashin, I.L. Bogolubsky, N.D. Dikoussar, H. Grigorian, Yu.L. Kalinovsky, T.V. Karamysheva, D.S. Kulyabov, K.V. Lukyanov, A. Machavariani, N.V. Makhaldiani, T.I. Mikhailova, G.J. Musulmanbekov, E.G. Nikonov, G.A. Ososkov, D.I. Podgainy, R.V. Polyakova, T.P. Puzynina, V.N. Robuk, B. Saha, A.G. Soloviev, T.M. Solovieva, O.I. Streltsova, A.V. Volokhova, O.O. Voskresenskaya, A. Wojczechowski, R.M. Yamaleev, E.P. Yukalova, E.V. Zemlyanaya
    2.  Software complexes and mathematical methods for processing and analysis of experimental data - main researchers - P.V. Zrelov, V.V. Ivanov, T.O. Ablyazimov, E.P. Akishina, V.P. Akishina, E.I. Aleksandrov, I.N. Aleksandrov, D.A. Baranov, S. Belogurov, O.Yu. Derenovskaya, A.A. Kazakov, A.I. Kazymov, P.I. Kisel, B.F. Kostenko, G.E. Kozlov, L.Yu. Kruglova, I.N. Kukhtina, A.A. Lebedev, M.A. Mineev, G.A. Ososkov, E.V. Ovcharenko, V.I. Palichik, V.S. Rikhvitsky, V.N. Shigaev, N.Yu. Shirikova, L.A. Siurakshina, A.N. Sosnin, V.A. Stepanenko, V.V. Uzhinsky, N.N. Voitishin, A.V. Yakovlev, E.V. Zemlyanaya, E.I. Zhabitskaya, V.B. Zlokazov
    3.  Numerical methods, algorithms and software computationally adapted to multicore and hybrid architectures - main researchers - Gh. Adam, P.V. Zrelov, O.I. Streltsova, E.I. Aleksandrov, I.V. Amirkhanov, A.S. yriyan, E.A. Ayrjan, M.V. Bashashin, D.V. Belyakov, A.M. Chervyakov, O. Chuluunbaatar, M.A. Matveev, M. Kirakosyan D.V. Podgainy, T.P. Puzynina, A.A. Sapozhnikov, T.F. Sapozhnikova, N.R. Sarkar, I. Sarkhadov, S.I. Serdyukova, Z.A. Sharipov, A.G. Soloviev, T.M. Solovieva, Sh. Torosyan, Z.K. Tukhliev, A.V. Volokhova, O.I. Yuldashev, M.B. Yuldasheva, E.V. Zemlyanaya, E.I. Zhabitskaya, M.I. Zuev
    4.  Methods, algorithms and software of computer algebra - main researchers - V.P. Gerdt, V. Abgaryan, A.A. Bogolubskaya, O. Chuluunbaatar, S.A. Evlakhov, A.A. Gusev, A.M. Khvedelidze, V.V. Kornyak, A.M. Raportirenko, I.A. Rogozhin, O.V. Tarasov, A.G. Torosyan, D.A. Yanovich, E.P. Yukalova

    Analytical and Methodological Work to Assess the Prospects of Scientific Research and Cooperation in the Main Directions, of JINR's Development. Organization of International Cooperation
    Theme: 05-8-1037-2001/2019
    Leader: N.A. Russakovich
    Activity or experiment:
    1.  Maintenance of the JINR site - main researchers - K.V. Lukyanov, A.V. Prikhodko

  • Educational Programme (06)

    Organization, Support and Development of the JINR Educational Programme
    Theme: 06-0-1120-2014/2018
    Leaders: V.A. Matveev, S.Z. Pakuliak
    Activity or experiment:
    1.  Organization of the Education Process at JINR - main researchers - V.V. Korenkov, T.A. Strizh, V.P. Gerdt, D.V. Podgaynyi

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