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JINR Central Information and Computer Complex

The JINR information computer complex (CICC) is logically constructed as a uniform information resource for all projects in which the JINR employees participate. All computing resources and data storage resources are served by a unified base software allowing usage of the CICC resources both in the international projects of distributed computations (wLCG, EGEE, PANDA-GRID, CBM) and locally by JINR users.

The options of the complex are optimized for a maximal use of computing resources and support of the most universal and protected methods of access to the data storages. Distribution and account of computing resources is supported on the basis of the batch system (batch) torque and the scheduler maui. Access to the data is provided by program systems dCache and XROOTD and by NFS in part. Access to the general software and domestic directories of the users is provided with AFS and NFS. For registration and recognition of the JINR local users, system kerberos5 is applied.

For mass installation of base software on new machines, a complex system of "promotion" of operation systems for remote installation on machines has been designed and is actively used at LIT. The system is based on standard means of OS Linux and is added with elements from the Warewulf software. The system allows one to automate the mass installation of software on new machines and the mass replacement of versions of the operating system.

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